Amid lockdown, uncertainty looms over American higher education aspirants

Dhaka, May 7 -- As coronavirus cases continue to rise alarmingly from mid-March, the government imposed an apparently loose nationwide lockdown for one week from April 5 as part of its move to contain... Read More

South Korea and Punjab ban corporal punishment

Dhaka, May 7 -- The Republic of Korea has become the 62nd country to prohibit corporal punishment to children, and the fourth in the Asia Pacific region. With a child population of nine million, the ... Read More

Coronavirus Home Quarantine: How to keep the Elderly People Engaged

Dhaka, May 7 -- On a typical day, some elderly people love to go for an evening-walk; some enjoy meeting their same-aged friends in a cafe or tea stall; some visit the local library; while some senior... Read More

Iftar Items, Recipes for Ramadan in Bangladesh

Dhaka, May 7 -- After a long day of fasting, we tend to get more interest in delicious food in iftar. But iftar food should not only be tasty and nutritious, but it should also be healthy. Most of the... Read More

Cycling Benefits: How Indoor and Outdoor Cycling Strengthens Your Immune System

Dhaka, May 7 -- Cycling has always been a popular sport that has had tons of following, but in recent years, many are opting for cycling and for a variety of reasons. Whether it's delivery, fitness or... Read More

Afsan Chowdhury joins UNB, Dhaka Courier as Editor-at-Large

Dhaka, May 7 -- Afsan Chowdhury, a veteran journalist, author, Liberation War historian and recipient of Bangla Academy Award, has joined UNB and Dhaka Courier as Editor-at-Large. "We're extremely pr... Read More

The Bay of Bengal and Bangladesh: Potentials of Blue Economy lucre vs. looming ecological disasters

Dhaka, May 7 -- The World Bank defines the Blue Economy as the "sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihood and jobs, and ocean ecosystem health". The blue economy for ... Read More

Peasant cultures, chicken - tormuz and Ammu

Dhaka, April 30 -- A week or so back I posted on Facebook that I wanted to cook chicken with ripe water melon. It was after I had actually bought a tormuz and was planning to cook chicken. The main co... Read More

Water, water, everywhere.

Dhaka, April 30 -- We call water synonymous to life. Life without water is unthinkable. It is, along with the other vital component that we humans are always in dire need - the air, makes our life wha... Read More

Reading between the Lines: Interpretations of the Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

Dhaka, April 30 -- Fairy tales are designed to amuse, instruct, warn, and enlighten. They usually set out to conquer fears generated by natural, human, and bestial terrors that threaten to destroy fre... Read More