Jaya Ahsan's 'Kontho' to release in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Nov. 8 -- 'Kontho', starred by celebrated Bangladeshi actress Jaya Ahsan, is one of the most admired and profitable movies of Pacchim Bangla this year. Now the movie, jointly directed by Shibop... Read More

Humans of ICPD: Faces of Bangladesh

Dhaka, Nov. 8 -- Alliance Francaise de Dhaka and UNFPA Bangladesh have jointly organised the inaugural ceremony of the photography exhibition titled'Humans of ICPD: Faces of Bangladesh' by photographe... Read More

Bangladesh Udichi Shilpigoshti turns 51

Dhaka, Nov. 8 -- Bangladesh Udichi Shilpigoshti, a cultural organisation that works for building up a secular and peaceful society, celebrated its 51st founding anniversary by organising various progr... Read More

The Kartarpur Corridor: A Silver Lining, or Just a Lull?

Dhaka, Nov. 8 -- The India-Pakistan relations have usually been remarkable for the lack of good news. Indeed, since the crisis over Pulwama in February, there has been a general deterioration. The nad... Read More

Rugby World Cup 2019: A win for Mandela's dream and host Japan

Dhaka, Nov. 8 -- Rugby is not an Asian game. Among all countries of the continent, it is only in Japan the game had gained some extent of popularity in the past, which too had largely been overshadowe... Read More

Onions . . . and the tears that flow

Dhaka, Nov. 8 -- Onions are among the biggest pleasures of life. They can also, in moments wrought in unpredictability, be a source of pain. Think of the tears which flow freely when onions are being ... Read More

Are the corrupt ones the new zamindars of Bangladesh?

Dhaka, Nov. 8 -- One of the great discoveries after 1971 was the road to corruption supported by impunity. Corruption is universal in Bangladesh but some are more corrupt than others. In Bangladesh it... Read More

The curious case of modern priests and their lust stories: a 'Spotlight' vision

Dhaka, Nov. 8 -- "When you are a poor kid from a poor family, religion counts for a lot. And when a priest plays attention to you- it's a big deal. He asks to collect him notes, or tale you to out the... Read More

Fast Track Trial: Reality & Expectation

Dhaka, Nov. 8 -- Nusrat Jahan Rafi is now regarded as a symbol of justice, protest and dignity of women. The trial of Nusrat Jahan Rafi Case got top priority as fast track trial in Bangladesh. The his... Read More

Tale of a bridge that will survive more than 200 years

Dhaka, Nov. 8 -- It took long 10 years to complete the construction of a bridge. And the bridge will remain in good condition for more than 200 years! Sounds unbelievable? That is the story goes for t... Read More