The Pure Food Court for Food Safety

Dhaka, Sept. 25 -- Food safety is deemed to be an important issue in Bangladesh as consumers of the country are victimized due to serious adulteration in food. Bangladesh Government observes 02 Februa... Read More

Wedding, in the time of Corona

Dhaka, Sept. 25 -- Lives, livelihoods and lifestyles have been drastically changed ever since Bangladesh got affected by the global pandemic of COVID-19. As a result, marriage, known as the sacred bon... Read More

To COVID, with love!

Dhaka, Sept. 25 -- I couldn't remember when I started caring for other creatures around me. I have had always pets, most of them were cats and birds. Although I do know it well where from my love for ... Read More

Sin City Notes: Driver Malek: Thou shall not steal...too much!

Dhaka, Sept. 25 -- It's a small incident but indicative of the Sin City mood. I hand over Tk 10,000 in Tk 500 bills to the Bkash shop. My regular man is missing so he is a default guy. The man starts ... Read More

How to disappear completely

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- In the early 70s when we all believed in political solutions to all our problems, there would be a need to hide for some. These were people who were angry and had taken to arms to a... Read More

Top celebrities add star power to Likee

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Pioneering short video platform Likee recently launched a new initiative titled LikeeMoncho, aimed at encouraging its young users to showcase their various talents. As the name sugg... Read More

Shah Abdul Karim's 11th death anniversary observed

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- September 12 marked the 11thf death anniversary of Shah Abdul Karim. Different socio-cultural organisations chalked out various programmes to mark the day. Private television chann... Read More

Anannya Top Ten Awards 2019 conferred

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Anannya, a fortnightly magazine, on September 11 handed over Ananya Shirsha Dosh Awards 2019 among the ten winners for their exceptional contributions to their respective areas. Th... Read More

Encouraging Emission Tax to Tackle Climatic Impacts

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Bangladesh is one of the countries hit hardest by climate change. A 2014 estimate placed annual losses from climate change at 2 percent of GDP by 2050. Signs of Bangladesh's vulnera... Read More

World Cleanup Day: Microplastic a serious threat to human health!

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Our homeland, the world, has endured so much oppression that it has kept us alive even today. Earth's environment is under threat today due to various human activities and natural c... Read More