India ex-Union Minister Jaswant Singh dies

Sri Lanka, Sept. 27 -- India Former union minister Jaswant Singh,one of the longest serving parliamentarians in India,died this morning in Delhi at the age of 82. Jaswant Singh, who was from Rajastha... Read More

Implementation of 13th Amendment is essential-Modi to MR

Sri Lanka, Sept. 27 -- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasized that implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution is essential for carrying forward the process of peac... Read More

PCoI on Political Victimization orders CID to report on IP Nishantha's whereabouts

Sri Lanka, Sept. 26 -- The Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) on Political Victimization has ordered the CID Director to report on the whereabouts of IP Nishantha Silva who fled the country, in... Read More

They claimed the lion share

Sri Lanka, Sept. 26 -- In the matter of distributing job opportunities under the programme for providing employment to the low-income groups, two leading politicos in a certain area have claimed the l... Read More

A political appointee as security chief

Sri Lanka, Sept. 26 -- There is a move by some influential politicos to appoint a retired security officer as the Security Consultant of the august assembly when there is the possibility of selecting ... Read More

A garment factory within school premises!

Sri Lanka, Sept. 26 -- A person with strong political connections have started a garments factory within the premises of a school causing much inconvenience to the school children, they say. Numerous... Read More

Murder most foul

Sri Lanka, Sept. 26 -- The impact of that single assassination was tremendous at that time. The murder of a prime minister was sensationally shocking news. It was the first major political assassinati... Read More

The most catastrophic threat to humanity

Sri Lanka, Sept. 26 -- While world attention is focused on the Covid-19 pandemic which thankfully is under control in Sri Lanka though a second wave appears to be emerging in the United States and som... Read More

Wigi gains from southern ire

Sri Lanka, Sept. 26 -- Wigneswaran's maiden speech has been paying off in some other ways as well, in terms of Tamil politics He must be indebted to some extent to the Sinhala nationalists for the pr... Read More

Children walk 16 kms all the way to school

Sri Lanka, Sept. 26 -- Children doing their daily walk of 16 kms to school The estate workers appeal that a bus service be made available for the children to attend schools and return to their homes ... Read More