Outlines of education: From Dutch Ceylon to British Ceylon

Sri Lanka, Nov. 16 -- The Dutch clergyman was seen as a State official, with the result that Dutch schools, in spite of their emphasis on religious instruction and training, became secular enclaves: i... Read More

It's now Afghanistan's turn to trouble Bollywood

Sri Lanka, Nov. 16 -- Bollywood films are popular worldwide, especially in South Asia. But they tend to fall foul of governments and other entities in South Asia now and then. This is partly because o... Read More

Are We Insane?

Sri Lanka, Nov. 16 -- Albert Einstein irrevocably changed the face of physics. One of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century, he achieved fame not only as a physicist, but also as a philosopher ... Read More

Learning curves inside prisons - EDITORIAL

Sri Lanka, Nov. 16 -- A term in prison might look hopeless or gloomy, but inmates who are released often vouch for the fact that there were lessons learned behind the 'bars'. However, that is for tho... Read More

Sri Lanka - Home of the unfulfilled

Sri Lanka, Nov. 16 -- In Sri Lanka, everyone wants to become a doctor or an engineer. On the other hand, according to official statistics, most end up in the arts faculties. Experts tell us that this ... Read More

Future President must prioritise MMDA reforms: MPLRAG

Sri Lanka, Nov. 16 -- Sri Lanka is home to 1,967,523 Muslims. Muslims of Sri Lanka are of various ethnic groups: Sri Lankan Moors, Coastal Indian Moors, Malays, Memons and Bohras. The Muslim Marriage ... Read More

TNA former MP on fast taken into custody

Sri Lanka, Nov. 16 -- Former TNA Parliamentarian T. Thambirasa who was engaged in a fast opposite the Jaffna Elections office against the Chairman of the Elections Commission was taken into custody by... Read More

50 officials on election duty hospitalized due to food poisoning

Sri Lanka, Nov. 16 -- At least 50 officials, who were on election duty at the Royal College, were admitted to the National Hospital, Colombo yesterday due to food poisoning, hospital sources said. S... Read More

Individuals whose phones ring in the polling centre will be arrested : police

Sri Lanka, Nov. 16 -- The police said yesterday that voters would be arrested if their mobile phones rang inside polling stations, disrupting officials on duty. Therefore, the police said it would be ... Read More

First election result expected by midnight today

Sri Lanka, Nov. 16 -- The first election result can be released by midnight today, an official said. The official said the results of postal voting would be declared first. "We cannot tell the exact ... Read More