Presidential poll: UPFA to talk with Gota

SRI LANKA, Aug. 23 -- The United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) will hold talks with Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa in connection with the upcoming pres... Read More

Decision on presidential candidate UNP leadership given time till Monday to call for WC meeting

SRI LANKA, Aug. 23 -- The group of UNP MPs backing the presidential candidacy of Minister Sajith Premadasa has given the party leadership time till next Monday, to call for a meeting of the Working Co... Read More

PM unhappy over delays in finalising NDF constitution

SRI LANKA, Aug. 23 -- Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has expressed displeasure over the delays in finalising the constitution of the proposed National Democratic Front (NDF) and has asked UNF lea... Read More

What's my next move?

SRI LANKA, Aug. 23 -- "What should I do next?" is perhaps the thought running across the mind of President Maithripala Sirisena who is encountering an intense tussle between three main camps strugglin... Read More

Hogging plums of office!

SRI LANKA, Aug. 23 -- Those in Public Service have to go on compulsory retirement on reaching the age of 60, but this white-collar high-up is said to be clinging to his position despite being eight mo... Read More

Fraudster humiliated!

SRI LANKA, Aug. 23 -- A certain party organizer had to suffer a loss of face when a high political authority harangued him in the presence of a large gathering at a public function held recently in an... Read More

Abuse of power!

SRI LANKA, Aug. 23 -- A number of minor employees, security personnel and drivers with vehicles relieved of their normal duties are carrying out various wedding-related jobs assigned to them by the fa... Read More

A foreign involvement in local politics?

SRI LANKA, Aug. 23 -- The illuminations had given a carnival atmosphere to the event. The foreign government in question had also instructed its local representatives to provide whatever assistance ... Read More

Childhood diabetes on the rise

SRI LANKA, Aug. 23 -- Diabetes is not in any way a novel topic for our country. Currently, around 1 out of every 12 adults in Sri Lanka is suffering from diabetes according to statistics. Most of our ... Read More

How serious is a hernia?

SRI LANKA, Aug. 23 -- While there are many medical maladies that people face in the world, some diseases often make one stop and wonder how it was caused in the first place. Although many causes for d... Read More