Carnage on Easter Sunday and a country in a state of denial

Sri Lanka, April 23 -- On December 26 last year, scores of Buddhist statues in Mawanella were vandalized. A Criminal Investigation Department (CID)investigation led to the arrest of seven suspects, in... Read More

Easter attacks and the politics of division Reach out to the Muslim communities that now live in fear of backlash

Sri Lanka, April 23 -- Questions will keep racing through everyone's minds. Why Sri Lanka? Why now? Why churches and hotels? Why was Sri Lanka targeted and why was it done? Our harrowing history of w... Read More

Eradicate extremism in all communities

Sri Lanka, April 23 -- It was a calculated massacre. This is terrorism and nothing else that nobody could and should tolerate. It must be rooted out forthwith. Are the Easter Sunday massacres in thr... Read More

Govt. mulling over burqa ban?

Sri Lanka, April 23 -- With interrogation of suspects and other evidence pointing to the involvement of a large number of women in Easter Sunday attacks, the government has yesterday initiated moves i... Read More

It was a retaliation to Christchurch attack: Ruwan

Sri Lanka, April 23 -- State Minister of Defence, Ruwan Wijewardene in parliament said that the Easter Sunday terror attacks were carried out by an Islamist terrorist group in retaliation to the Chris... Read More

MR blasts govt. for diluting intelligence services

Sri Lanka, April 23 -- Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa today slammed the government for weakening the intelligence services over the years. Making a statement in parliament on the Easter Sunday t... Read More

All extremist groups should be banned immediately: Ruwan

Sri Lanka, April 23 -- All extremist organizations including Thowheed Jamath should be banned immediately and the members should be brought to book with their properties confiscated and assets frozen,... Read More

Police advised to be on high alert

Sri Lanka, April 23 -- All police stations and personnel in Colombo have been advised to be on high alert after it was reported that an explosive laden van and a lorry were circulating in Colombo, sou... Read More

Syrian among those detained over terror attacks

Sri Lanka, April 23 -- Sri Lankan police have detained a Syrian among 40 people who are being questioned about the Easter Sunday attacks on churches and hotels, Hindustan Times reported quoting govern... Read More

Ashu presents private member motion to ban burqa

Sri Lanka, April 23 -- UNP MP Ashu Marasinghe today presented a private member motion to parliament to ban burqa in Sri Lanka. While mentioning that the burqa is not a traditional attire of Muslim wo... Read More