Power Situation Update: Country Expected to Meet Summer Demand, Day and Night

India, May 10 -- To meet the summer electricity demand during the months of April, May and June 2024, the Government of India had already put in place the following measures, as part of its advance pl... Read More

OMCs' FY24 combined profit rose over 25-times year-on-year

India, May 10 -- The state-owned oil marketing companies (OMCs) have had a fabulous financial year 2023-24. Even as they navigated rapidly evolving geo politics and wide fluctuations in crude prices, ... Read More

Former First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to Inaugurate Scotland's Future Speaker Series at St Andrews

India, May 10 -- Former First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, will launch the University of St Andrews' Scotland's Future Speaker Series on Monday 27 May. Ms Sturgeon, who was First Minist... Read More

University of Sheffield Provides New Guidance for Filmmakers to Enhance Cinema Accessibility for the Deaf Community

India, May 10 -- Improved captioning in the film industry could make watching film and TV more accessible and engaging for the Deaf community, according to new guidance published by the University of ... Read More

Promising Psychological Therapy Enhances Quality of Life for Individuals with Motor Neuron Disease (MND)

India, May 10 -- Therapy can significantly improve quality of life for people living with MND when delivered alongside usual care, a pioneering study has shown. The largest-ever trial of a psychologi... Read More

Sanjay Kumar chairs meeting for achieving the broader objectives of Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE)

India, May 9 -- Secretary, School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education, Shri Sanjay Kumar, chaired a meeting for achieving the broader objectives of Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE), at ... Read More

Study Reveals Multi-Billion Dollar Productivity Cost of Head and Neck Cancer

India, May 9 -- New research describes a $5.6 billion (USD) loss of productivity from head and neck cancer in India during 2022, emblematic of its rising economic impact throughout the world. Publish... Read More

RWTH Aachen Excels in CHE Ranking with Outstanding Results

India, May 8 -- Dentistry and Computer Science in particular stand out, but the subjects of chemistry, mathematics, and medicine are also consistently in the top tier of the student survey. The subje... Read More

RWTH Aachen Revolutionizes Live Kidney Paired Donation with Groundbreaking Approach

India, May 8 -- A research project between RWTH and Uniklinik RWTH Aachen explores opportunities for implementation of live kidney paired donation in Germany. Key issues include the possibility of man... Read More

University of Freiburg Pioneers Electron Tracking with Attosecond Laser Technology

India, May 8 -- The electrons in atoms and molecules move incredibly fast. Put simply, an electron in a hydrogen atom orbits the nucleus of an atom once in around 152 attoseconds. By comparison, a mil... Read More