Lightning Poses Threat to Residential Electrical Networks, Even from Afar

India, April 30 -- On June 1, 2011, lightning struck Runyanya Primary School , 225 kilometers from Kampala, the capital of the Central African country of Uganda. Devastating, the electrical discharge ... Read More

Ural Federal University: Stanislav Naboychenko Street Inaugurated in Vtuzgorodok

India, April 29 -- One of the greenest and "student" streets in Ekaterinburg's Vtuzgorodok officially received the name of ex-rector of Polytechnic Institute (now UrFU) Professor Stanislav Naboychenko... Read More

Namibia Expresses Interest in Close Collaboration with UrFU

India, April 29 -- Namibia is interested in the closest possible cooperation with the Ural Federal University to train qualified personnel for its enterprises. This was announced by Kashuupulwa Clemen... Read More

Tom Wilson's 'Beautiful Scars' Draws McMaster Students and Community Members

India, April 27 -- It's a story of loss, love, forgiveness and the search for identity - and a story that a group of McMaster students and community members will get to explore, thanks to Indigenous S... Read More

Researchers Establish Framework for Measuring Plastic Emissions

India, April 27 -- Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a framework for measuring plastic pollution emissions - not unlike the global standard for measuring greenhouse gas emissions... Read More

U of T Entrepreneur Makes Waves with Quantum Chemistry and AI for Purifying Drinking Water

India, April 27 -- It's not a bullet point that appears many resumes, let alone one belonging to a teenager: "Utilized quantum computing to discover a molecule that could revolutionize water treatment... Read More

University of Toronto and Hospitals Collaborate on Pilot Program to Enhance Commercialization of Medical Innovations

India, April 27 -- The University of Toronto is collaborating with the University Health Network, the Hospital for Sick Children and Sunnybrook Research Institute on a new program that aims to leverag... Read More

Innovative Approaches Transform Treatment for Rare Childhood Kidney Condition

India, April 27 -- A nationwide trial led by Flinders University will seek to transform how children are treated for nephrotic syndrome, a rare and potentially life-threatening kidney condition affect... Read More

Flinders University Receives Major Funding Boost for Research into Childhood Dementia

India, April 27 -- The South Australian Government is partnering with the Little Heroes Foundation to provide a $500,000 funding boost for much-needed research into the fatal and aggressive condition ... Read More

Bridging Aged Care Innovations with Arab Countries: Fostering Global Collaboration

India, April 27 -- Flinders University is leading the promotion of a health and aged care innovations collaboration with Arab and Middle Eastern nations through a project that aims to build stronger c... Read More