A narrative of peace

India, Dec. 3 -- Her work speaks of the social and natural landscapes that surround our physical and imaginative selves while evoking an intrinsic emotive charm. Presented by Dhoomimal Gallery and cur... Read More

Love, laughter and happily ever after

India, Dec. 3 -- Right from all the dancing, drama, laughter, fun to madness and emotions, it is that time of the year again. The wedding season is officially here and the very first thing that comes ... Read More

Beat the winter gloom

India, Dec. 1 -- Winters are truly magical as it brings along the joy of sipping a hot cup of tea, the ease of snuggling in your blanket and the charm of basking in the afternoon sunlight. While it is... Read More

'Good content matters'

India, Nov. 28 -- Veteran producer Anand Pandit's two big-budget films, the Abhishek Bachchan starrer, The Big Bull and the Amitabh Bachchan and Emran Hashmi thriller, Chehre will be released on OTT p... Read More

A wild, wild world

India, Nov. 28 -- What's your character like? I play a man named Odis Weff, who is a cop in the Kansas City Police Department. He is suffering and has suffered for the most of his life from a rather ... Read More

Get that perfect glow

India, Nov. 27 -- The first thing that comes to mind when you hear wedding bells is a beautifully bedecked bride, glowing gorgeously, in her newfound bliss. Everything at a wedding is centred on her. ... Read More

We're our own enemies

India, Nov. 26 -- What did you make of the US script? I thought it was really bold and creative, and the most original piece I had read around that time. I felt so privileged to even be asked to look... Read More

From stage to screen

India, Nov. 24 -- How many clowns does it take to recreate a Shakespearean classic on stage and question gender roles while doing this? Well, seven clowns across a runtime of 106 minutes, as seen in v... Read More

Team Viva

India, Nov. 23 -- Nawazuddin Siddiqui feels OTTs are getting cramped in India and herd mentality is seeping in. The actor says everyone wants to do something on the digital platform, not for the art b... Read More

What would do the trick?

India, Nov. 23 -- Ever since cinemas reopened in parts of India as part of the unlock process, a few new releases - including Hollywood films - have hit the big screen. Trade experts say regular Holly... Read More