Farhan kickstarts IPL

India, Sept. 19 -- Actor Farhan Akhtar will open Star Sports' Live Broadcast on 'Cricket Live', ahead of the opening match of Dream11 IPL 2020. The nation has been going through tough times due to CO... Read More

Nature's spy

India, Sept. 15 -- Why do animals gather for one-off events? What does it feel like to be part of the herd? How do they cope with the changing seasons and climate? What is their ideal pastime activity... Read More

Becoming yourself

India, Sept. 14 -- When former First Lady Michelle Obama says, "You guys are here, because of real basic qualities that. And that's honesty, integrity, hard work, and a level of resilience. Those are ... Read More

Let's survive together

India, Sept. 14 -- The pandemic has been catastrophic, the kind which we had never foreseen or imagined, for each and every other business. Not surprisingly, the theatre as well as the performing arti... Read More

When life gives you lemons

India, Sept. 12 -- How was your time during the lockdown? Frankly, they have been the best four and a half months of my life. I could enjoy living with peace in my lovely house, without any restricti... Read More

Building a better future

India, Sept. 10 -- When most children of his age are obsessing over that pimple on their nose or even a lack of response on an Instagram story, Parth Sarthi Krishna, a Class XII student, had much bigg... Read More

Get off the rack

India, Sept. 8 -- Wellness has become the buzzword and an essential concern this year, which, for everyone, including fashion players, has been an awakening one. Designers are striving to come to term... Read More

Get rid of assumptions

India, Sept. 7 -- Your skinny best friend seems to eat twice as much as you. But you're still overweight. Why? For decades, experts thought they had the answer - too many calories and not enough exerc... Read More

Buy less, choose well

India, Sept. 3 -- To understand consumer interest in sustainable materials and their current knowledge, Lenzing Group (Lenzing), a global leader in sustainably produced wood-based specialty fibers, an... Read More

On the road of thrills

India, Sept. 3 -- Discovery has continued its tradition of featuring iconic Indians by getting Akshay Kumar on-board in the latest episode of Into The Wild With Bear Grylls. Akshay follows the footste... Read More