It's all about classics

India, Aug. 24 -- What did you think of the Riviera's script when you first read it? I thought it was ambitious. We only got the first two episodes to read and a gentle overview of where things would... Read More

A disruptive fusion

India, Aug. 23 -- When you decide to indulge in authentic Italian cuisine, you have to pair wine with it. And it cannot be just 'any' wine. The idea is that the flavour of your drink should match the ... Read More

A perfect climax

India, Aug. 20 -- When odyssey started, did you get a vibe that this was something special? Naturi and I probably felt it. She was sharing about the craze our fans had. I think we had parallel though... Read More

Can you handle the truth?

India, Aug. 19 -- In Rob Reiner's 1992 film, A Few Good Men, it was actor Jack Nicholson's 'You can't handle the truth' that became a sensation in the era when social media did not exist. And the dram... Read More

A bold figure

India, Aug. 17 -- Tell us about your character Kerra? She is the daughter of Pellenor, the king of Cantii. They are at war with the Regni while Kerra is at war with her father. She is a woman of her ... Read More

A fierce character

India, Aug. 17 -- From her first appearance in a TV series Spin City in 1996 to playing the eccentric mother in The Haunting of the Hill House to some terrific work in Gerald's Game , actress Carla Gu... Read More

A French honour

India, Aug. 17 -- Like America, chefs could be India's new rockstars too. And not a cliche this time. Serving food to the beat of a meticulously sourced soundtrack is a trend on the rise. And one such... Read More

An affair with saree

India, Aug. 17 -- * How has fashion consumption changed over the years? In India, fashion was created through local tailors in small towns, who crafted personalised styles. As industrialisation and f... Read More

From the pages of history

India, Aug. 15 -- There are some brands that have endured the passage of time. Founded in the British India, they have seen the transition that the country underwent over more than seven decades. Thes... Read More

An ode to special powers

India, Aug. 13 -- With empty pockets but a smiling face, rejection yet a heart full of hope, helplessness yet a soothing voice, children with special needs could act as a helping hand and a guiding li... Read More