Block blue

India, May 27 -- It wasn't too long ago when people realised the harmful effects of the UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun and started shielding their skin from its exposure. The fear of skin tanning ... Read More

A sixer of a trip

India, May 21 -- Karishma is a cricket fan, her husband loves tennis instead. So as part of their couple therapy and compromise, they are flying into London this summer, she to catch India in action a... Read More

'Golmaal animated for kids'

India, May 18 -- The Golmaal series has gained high popularity among the audience over the years that it is now being turned into a cartoon series. This must be a huge compliment for you... Rohit : Y... Read More

The brightest yellow

India, May 17 -- Which fruit can be had in its raw form as well as when is it ripe? What lends itself to pickles, chutneys, souffles, drinks, ice creams and cakes? What can be added to dals for a nice... Read More

Moment of reckoning

India, May 14 -- Be it a group of women rowing the boat in the Kerala backwaters, the Sikhs praying at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, hermits with their ash-smeared bodies bathing at the Kumbh, a moth... Read More

Who let the dogs out?

India, May 11 -- Where did the inspiration for the film begin from? The very first inspiration was when we made Fantastic Mr Fox, another animated movie which we shot at Bromley-By-Bow in East London... Read More

A health booster

India, May 10 -- While fermented food has been consumed for a long time, its benefits are only gradually becoming apparent. Consequently restaurants are introducing these often times as side dishes wh... Read More

There is no planet B

India, May 10 -- As per the global data, the world has produced and discarded over nine billion tonnes of plastic since the 1950s. Around 165 million tonnes of it have clogged the oceans and since onl... Read More

Split verdict

India, May 9 -- With netizens analysing celebrities at the Met Gala 2019, both with criticisms and praises, actress Mandira Bedi summed it up best when she took to social media to express her opinion.... Read More

Ink yourself with deals

India, May 6 -- Democracy's biggest festival is halfway through and being celebrated in its full splendour. With Delhi headed to polls on May 12, the restaurants too have decided to chip in and do the... Read More