Are you a man of substance?

India, April 23 -- Whether it is style, fashion, fitness, travel, technology or personal space, men have more often than not taken a lead and in the bargain evolved manifold. Or so believes Karan Bhar... Read More

The Moral Compass

India, April 22 -- Who decides whether our actions or decisions are morally acceptable or objectionable? A new study reveals that it is the brain activity which is responsible for the differences in o... Read More

Myth buster

India, April 20 -- We all think obesity is caused by eating too much and exercising too little. But the latest research is turning those assumptions on their head. The series, The Truth About Obesity... Read More

'Gender doesn't matter'

India, April 12 -- Do you think a chef's gender affects the food in any way? How do you think men's cooking is different from that of a women's? I believe cooking is something that requires a lot of ... Read More

The Nizami touch

India, April 9 -- The Indian film industry never shies away from amping up the glamour quotient. And when there is a historical set-up that is all set to light up the large canvas, the film makers gi... Read More

Follow passion, not busy schedules

India, April 8 -- How often do you take out time from your busy schedules to read a book? Or play your old guitar? Or perhaps practice a new recipe? Well, in the midst of our work pressures and strict... Read More

'A crazy finale'

India, April 6 -- How does the final season of Game of Thrones begin for your characters? Nikolaj (Jaime Lannister): The last time we saw him, he left King's Landing to go north because he wanted to ... Read More

'Indians are naturally beautiful'

India, April 6 -- Global make-up legend Bobbi Brown has picked Indian actors Tamannaah Bhatia and Malaika Arora as her muses for her maiden India tour this month. She is coming to the country for debu... Read More

'I was scared of KALANK'

India, April 5 -- What if one had to make a film on Mahatma Gandhi today? Or write a book on some great personality to pay them a posthumous tribute? The film's/ book's content would be based complete... Read More

A bit of cricket and a summer break

India, April 4 -- We Indians know how to make any deal the best. So if cricket be our Mecca, then the places around the stadium are no less holy. Ever since the Indian Premier League (IPL) has got off... Read More