Larger-than-life drama

India, Nov. 16 -- How would you describe Jake and Amara's relationship? They are constantly forced to work together without any clarity of whether they like each other or not. But I think when they a... Read More

Survival and betrayal

India, Nov. 15 -- What do you like the most about your character? And what are the things that the audience might not know about it? Justin Hires: What I Iove the most about Bozer is that he's funny ... Read More

Fire within me

India, Nov. 9 -- Who is Lyra? Lyra is a curious, cunning, and adventurous girl. She's very intelligent, street smart, and a tomboy. I love her. When we first met her she was racing with her best frie... Read More

Mask is the new face

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In quest of heritage

India, Oct. 31 -- Today, one might give their mother's old bell-bottoms from the 70s a miss but one would never say no to grandmother's handcrafted silk or Banarsi saris. It would in fact occupy the r... Read More

The wonder woman

India, Oct. 26 -- * Why did you choose Rani Laxmibai's story for your direction? It is the story of a strong woman, which should be told to the world. She was an iconic figure and a story of victory ... Read More

Light up the world

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'Fun to follow passion'

India, Oct. 25 -- Be it baking donuts, clementine and almond cake or making fennel, grapefruit and feta salad or coastal cooking, for Irish chef Rachel Allen cooking and baking are equally important. ... Read More

Happiness is.... a Diwali gift

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A monochrome palette

India, Oct. 21 -- If there was one thing that Karl Lagerfeld desired to have invented in fashion, it's the white shirt. For him, it was the basis of everything. Rest comes after. Known worldwide for h... Read More