Home in the hills

India, Dec. 31 -- With domestic travel witnessing a steady growth and people's rediscovered love for local attractions, tourists now have the chance of experiencing the rural charm of a Himachali vill... Read More

The world turns on lessons learnt

India, Dec. 31 -- It's commonly said that when life gives you lemons, use them to make lemonade and cool it all down. Well, what if life gives you an eventful year like 2020? On the last day of this y... Read More

Ink your style

India, Dec. 29 -- Even though it has been a challenging year for various sectors, including the tattoo industry, we have seen a fair share of tattoo trends this time. As minimalistic trends were on th... Read More

For all tastes and moods

India, Dec. 28 -- With a microscopic organism upending life as we know it, the realm of books was among the few which held its own, operating near normally in this tumultuous year. The flow of new tit... Read More

Lessons of 2020

India, Dec. 28 -- The year has overturned our lives in the most unforeseen manner. There were numerous difficulties to survive and tough lessons to be learned; we can at least find a bit of solace in ... Read More

Out and loud

India, Dec. 26 -- Actor Pankaj Tripathi says he is unable to understand why women prefer to keep quiet instead of opening up whenever they experience some sort of trauma, especially in personal life. ... Read More

Walk the same path

India, Dec. 26 -- After screening carefully curated offerings through the year, Zee Theatre ends 2020 with Gidh, a gripping teleplay from across the border. Written and directed by Kanwal Khoosat, the... Read More

Set your table at home

India, Dec. 25 -- The celebration of Christmas and the Gregorian New Year is a more recent phenomenon in India and are a British legacy. Obviously, the more recent globalisation of our world, the mass... Read More

Deck the malls

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Eat, drink and be merry!

India, Dec. 22 -- Carols, bells, lights, decorations, chilly winters and rum cake - the season of joy is here! People are set to welcome Christmas and New Year with open arms. Considering the year we ... Read More