Death toll rises in Kabul terror attack

Afghanistan, April 21 -- The Ministry of Interior officials have confirmed that the death toll from yesterday's attack in Kabul has climbed to 10 as three more civilians succumbed to their injuries. ... Read More

10 militants killed, wounded in Afghan Air Force airstrike in Ghazni province

Afghanistan, April 21 -- At least ten militants were killed or wounded an airstrike of the Afghan Air Force in southeastern Ghazni province, the Afghan military said Sunday. According to a statement ... Read More

3 Taliban commanders and their 10 fighters killed in Nuristan province

Afghanistan, April 21 -- Three commanders of the Taliban group and their ten fighters were killed during the artillery and airstrikes which were carried out in response to a coordinated attack by Tali... Read More

ISIS Khurasan claims responsibility for the attack on telecom ministry in Kabul

Afghanistan, April 21 -- The offshoot of the Islamic State Iraq and Syria, ISIS Khurasan (ISIS-K), has claimed responsibility for yesterday's attack targeting the ministry of telecommunications and in... Read More

28 militants including 4 Pakistanis, 3 suicide bombers killed in Zabul airstrikes

Afghanistan, April 21 -- At least 28 militants including four Pakistani nationals and three suicide bombers were killed in the airstrikes which were conducted in southern Zabul province. The 205th At... Read More

Intelligence forces arrest Taliban's shadow district chief for Musa Qala of Helmand

Afghanistan, April 21 -- The shadow district chief of Taliban for Musa Qala district has been arrested during an operation of the Afghan Intelligence forces. The National Directorate of Security, the... Read More

'While Afghans demand peace, terrorists only inflict pain and suffering': NATO SCR

Afghanistan, April 21 -- The NATO Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan Ambassador Nicholas Kay has strongly condemned the terror attack in Kabul city which left at least 15 people dead or wou... Read More

23 Taliban militants killed in latest operations of Afghan Special Forces

Afghanistan, April 20 -- At least 23 Taliban militants were killed during the latest operations of the Afghan Special Forces in south-eastern Ghazni, north-western Badghis, and southern Helmand provin... Read More

MAIL reports 50 percent reduction in Saffron production in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Busess, April 20 -- The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL) has reported that Saffron production has dropped by around 50 percent during the recent years. According... Read More

Local Taliban group leader arrested by intelligence operatives in Baghlan province

Afghanistan, April 20 -- A local group leader of Taliban was arrested during an operation of the Afghan intelligence operatives in northern Faryab province of Afghanistan. The Ministry of Interior sa... Read More