Disha Ravi's arrest is wrong

India, Feb. 15 -- Disha Ravi, a 22-year old Bengaluru-based environmental activist, has been accused of sedition, promoting religious enmity and engaging in criminal conspiracy, among other offences. ... Read More

The State must ensure safe mobility options

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Republicans falter, yet again, on Trump | HT Editorial

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The lessons from Pulwama | HT Editorial

India, Feb. 14 -- Two years ago, on February 14, the terror outfit, Jaish-e-Mohammad, attacked a Central Reserve Police Force convoy in south Kashmir's Pulwama, killing 40 security personnel. The atta... Read More

In Ladakh, be cautious | HT Editorial

India, Feb. 11 -- In a statement in Parliament, defence minister Rajnath Singh laid out the background of the border dispute with China, the contours of the standoff in eastern Ladakh since last year,... Read More

In defence of private enterprise | HT Editorial

India, Feb. 11 -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the course of his speech in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, mounted a robust defence of the role of the private sector - and by extension, Indian capital... Read More

The right place of the border dispute | HT Editorial

India, Feb. 10 -- In an article, titled China and the World in the Year of the Ox, published on a website, The Policy Chronicle, China's ambassador to India, Sun Weidong, has written that the two coun... Read More

When Mr Biden called Mr Modi

India, Feb. 9 -- In their first conversation after Joe Biden took over as the 46th President of the United States (US), Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi and Mr Biden reiterated their commitment to a ... Read More

On disasters, internalise lessons on rescue and relief

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Maharashtra: Don't probe celebrity tweets | HT Editorial

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