The Supreme Court is right on begging

India, July 28 -- The Supreme Court (SC), on Tuesday, refused to ban begging and issued a notice to the Centre and Delhi government, seeking their responses within two weeks on a petition requesting C... Read More

Time to break the stalemate

India, July 28 -- It has been eight working days since the monsoon session of Parliament began. It started out with the hope that both the treasury and Opposition benches have a common interest in a f... Read More

Assam-Mizoram: A constitutional breakdown

India, July 27 -- On Monday, Assam and Mizoram clashed over a disputed boundary. Five policemen and one civilian (all from Assam) were killed and nearly 50 others were injured. The bloodiest-ever inci... Read More

The lockdown and its economic costs

India, July 27 -- The Indian economy experienced an unprecedented contraction of 24.4% in the quarter ending June 2020 due to the 68-day-long lockdown which was imposed on March 24 to curb the spread ... Read More

The reckless exploitation of the fragile Himalayas

India, July 26 -- Nine tourists were killed and three others injured in Himachal Pradesh's Kinnaur district on Sunday when boulders fell on their vehicle during multiple landslides, triggered by heavy... Read More

The end of the BSY era

India, July 26 -- When BS Yediyurappa resigned as Karnataka's chief minister (CM) on Monday morning, it truly marked the end of an era for both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the state. For the ... Read More

Two parties, one challenge

India, July 25 -- A month ago, both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress were struggling with the political situation in two states where they were the governing party. In Uttar Pradesh, ... Read More

Mirabai Chanu and Manipur's sporting prowess

India, July 25 -- Mirabai Chanu's silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics was not unexpected, but it was a joyous moment when it happened nonetheless. Chanu, who comes from a farming village near Imphal, h... Read More

The rise in extreme weather events

India, July 23 -- Mahabaleshwar, a hill station in Maharashtra's Satara district in the Western Ghats, on Friday, recorded the highest ever rainfall in its history: 60cm in the previous 24 hours. More... Read More

It is the Olympics

India, July 22 -- The modern Olympics is a curious beast. Every four years - in the case of this edition, five years - it rolls into the host city like a juggernaut, trailing tales of destruction, cor... Read More