Lessons from the state polls

India, Dec. 8 -- The results of the Gujarat elections, where the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won a record 156 seats in the 182-member House with a 52.5% share of the vote, are an outlier, and not jus... Read More

Twin narratives from MCD polls

India, Dec. 7 -- All elections have two linked but distinct narratives. The first is based on the numbers. The second is more subliminal, based not only on the hard data but also on margins, issues, e... Read More

Don't rule out a small rate hike in February

India, Dec. 7 -- The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has taken the policy rate to 6.25% (with an increase of 0.35 percentage points), a level last seen in March 2019, as it continues to fight inflation. R... Read More

In Parliament, ensure debate

India, Dec. 6 -- Parliament's winter session begins on Wednesday, bang in the middle of election season. The first two days of the 17-day session will be dominated by results from the Delhi Municipal ... Read More

Big Tech cannot have a free lunch

India, Dec. 5 -- The world over, news businesses battle a common dilemma: With revenues from traditional subscription models dwindling, more organisations want to pivot to sustenance from digital stre... Read More

Tepid turnout in Delhi civic polls is worrying

India, Dec. 5 -- Despite the high-voltage campaigning in the Delhi municipal elections over the past month, turnout across the national capital was tepid in the civic polls on Sunday, barely crossing ... Read More

In Kabul, India takes a soft step

India, Dec. 4 -- When Kabul fell to the rampaging Taliban force last year, India faced a difficult choice. It could not be seen as lending legitimacy to the autocratic and oppressive regime and there ... Read More

A costly compromise on coal in the West

India, Dec. 4 -- Going back on pledges to shut all coal plants in the country, France moved last week to fire two of the oldest coal-powered electricity plants in order to tide over surging demand tha... Read More

Why municipal polls are crucial

India, Dec. 2 -- First impressions can be deceptive. It may appear the least glamorous of India's myriad electoral processes, but few polls hold greater influence over the life of a citizen than local... Read More

Reconsider the Great Nicobar infra project

India, Dec. 1 -- At the southernmost tip of the subcontinent lies the Great Nicobar Island - a repository of rich biodiversity, some of the last untouched forests in the country and, if the government... Read More