USAF European Special Operations

India, Feb. 28 -- RAF Mildenhall in the UK is home base of the United States Air Force (USAF) 352 Special Operations Wing (SOW) flying the CV-22B Osprey and the MC- 130J Commander II. The unit is sche... Read More

AvioHeliTronics in defence manufacturing "The Next Big Thing"

India, Feb. 28 -- With the increasing participation of OEMs across the globe and manufacturing complexes lately opening up under the 'Make In India' initiative as well as 'Manufacture in India', AvioH... Read More

The Javelin's Versatility

India, Feb. 28 -- First deployed in 1996, Javelin is the world's most versatile and lethal oneman- portable and platform-employed anti-tank and multi-target precision weapon system, and more than 45,0... Read More

Aequs: Ecosystem Advantage in the Aerospace Sector

India, Feb. 28 -- The Aerospace and Defence industry is recording significant advancements over the past few years, driven by multiple factors such as high demand from consumers in addition to technol... Read More

'Protecting our Protectors' DCM Shriram venture into Defence

India, Feb. 28 -- Making their debut at the DefExpo 18 in April 2018, where the Group announced their new venture into Defence equipment manufacturing, DCM SHRIRAM had Admiral Sunil Lanba, Chief of th... Read More

A Pilot's View

India, Feb. 28 -- Boeing test pilot Steve 'Bull' Schmidt is a calm, cool and collected man, traits that serve him well on the job. Several times per month he flies fighter jets, just off the productio... Read More

"Unmatched & Undefeated": The F/A-18 Super Hornet

India, Feb. 28 -- Pilots swear by it, ground crews love working on it and commanders consider it one of the most capable assets at their disposal. Fitting multiple mission roles and embodying the true... Read More

UK to double its F-35 inventory

India, Feb. 28 -- The UK is set to double the number of F-35 stealth fighters after ordering 17 more aircraft. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announced that 17 new F-35B aircraft will be delivered... Read More

Lockheed Martin meets 2018 F-35 Production Targets

India, Feb. 28 -- Lockheed Martin delivered its 91st F-35 aircraft in 2018, meeting the joint government and industry delivery target for the year and "demonstrating the F-35 enterprise's ability to r... Read More

Thales: Supporting India's big ambitions

India, Feb. 28 -- As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India provides extraordinary opportunities across sectors to build business partnerships. There has been resurgence in a push to... Read More