Gujarat Gas stock may rise by 10% by November

India, Sept. 19 -- Gujarat Gas Limited is India's largest City Gas Distribution player with presence across 23 districts in Gujarat, Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Thane Geographical Area... Read More

Ram Jethmalani Memorial Lecture Series First Edition

India, Sept. 13 -- Here are the edited excerpts of some of the speeches delivered at the lecture. The full speeches will be serialised in the Daily Guardian. iTV network honoured to host India's fin... Read More

Ashtang Yoga: Part 2

India, Sept. 13 -- The second excercise to be practised daily under Ashtang yoga, is Niyam. This comprises of five parts: 1) Purification ( Shauch) 2) Contentment ( Santosh) 3) Stoic austerity (Tapa) ... Read More

Learning From Nature

India, Sept. 13 -- Walter de la Mare (1873 - 1956), the English poet, once observed a lady at a dining table taking her meal. There were some eatables on the table like porridge, muffins, apples, and ... Read More

Overcome temptation with Jesus

India, Sept. 13 -- A disturbing craving. A deceiving thought. A compromising situation. A compassionless attitude. A life characterized by fear instead of faith. Temptations come in many forms and gen... Read More

India's new power projection reflected in SCO meet

India, Sept. 13 -- SCO meeting has noted the strength and confidence with which India has dealt with China. After the recent visit by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to Russia to attend the Shanghai ... Read More

Splittism is nightmare of the Red Emperor

India, Sept. 13 -- Lately, some retired Chinese generals want Xi to change course. They want him to stop the aggression on the borders with India, against Taiwan and other targets. Splittism is a ... Read More

Trial by media a matter of concern, say legal luminaries

India, Sept. 13 -- Top legal luminaries of the country on Saturday voiced their concern about media trials and suggested an institutional framework to check this menace. They highlighted the importanc... Read More

Pakistan cracks down on Opposition amidst foreign policy woes

India, Sept. 13 -- There is widespread fear that Imran Khan government will misuse the economic terrorism bill to subdue the Opposition. In Pakistan, the military-backed Imran Khan government is fa... Read More

Naysayers vs History: Kashmir always a part of the Idea of India

India, Sept. 13 -- Though the British left an enduring legacy of telling us otherwise, it is clear that there are astonishing convergences over the centuries in the way a disparate set of historical c... Read More