Education is the first step towards an inclusive India

India, Jan. 11 -- Inclusive education for the specially-abled is one of the most effective ways through which we can move towards a just society that is more sensitive to the needs of the less fortuna... Read More

'DIAF projected India as a cultural superpower'

India, Jan. 11 -- Bharatanatyam dancer and organiser of the Delhi International Arts Festival (DIAF), Pratibha Prahlad speaks to Gauri Dwivedi about why she has decided to shelve the DIAF after a 12-y... Read More

Amar Kanwar's multimedia artworks to be exhibited in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

India, Jan. 11 -- In a groundbreaking collaboration across Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) Art Gallery and Ishara Art Foundation will both open solo projects in spring 2020 by Amar Kanw... Read More

Always on the move

India, Jan. 11 -- Michelin-starred chef Vikas Khanna speaks to Rishita Roy Chowdhury about how he went from heading a catering business in Amritsar to establishing his own restaurant in New York, why ... Read More

AASU doing groundwork for new political party in Assam

India, Jan. 4 -- The All Assam Students' Union (AASU), Assam's most well known and politically active students' organisation, and the Artistes' Society of Assam are all set to create conditions that e... Read More

Putin and Xi may gain hugely from Trump's Iran war

India, Jan. 4 -- The US President has gambled on igniting anti-clerical protests in Iran and scaring away the Iranians from a retaliatory response to the Soleimani assassination. Should these calculat... Read More

Exporters yet to receive over Rs 6,000 cr as GST refunds

India, Jan. 4 -- New Delhi: Hundreds of exporters from across the country are still waiting to receive their Goods and Services Tax (GST) refunds totalling Rs 6,053 crore from the government. The expo... Read More

Telangana gets new Chief Secretary, 13 IAS officers refuse to work under him

India, Jan. 4 -- Hyderabad: As many as 13 IAS officers senior to Telangana Chief Secretary (CS) Somesh Kumar, are angry on being bypassed for the post. They are understood to have expressed their unwi... Read More

Live in the light of eternity

India, Jan. 4 -- Bharti has learnt to live her life in the light of eternity. She is not only concerned about the here and now but pay's attention to eternity as well. She remembers that she worships ... Read More

Happy? New? Year?

India, Jan. 4 -- "New" and "old" are relative concepts. They gain meaning with relation to time, place, person or thing. "New" for one man at a given time or place may not be new to another .This year... Read More