Challenges to Global Governance

India, July 6 -- The challenge to global governance comes today from the decay of the very institutions created for that purpose some 75 years ago. This is the 75th year of the creation of the United ... Read More

India wants to focus on connectivity to Buddhist sites, says PM Modi

India, July 4 -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of Asaadh Poornima and the inauguration of the Dharma Chakra Day, on Saturday, said India wants to focus on connectivity to Buddhist sites... Read More

Advantage NDA as Mahagathbandhan in disarray

India, July 4 -- RJD is finding it hard to keep its own flock intact, with desertions becoming an everyday affair. Patna: Is the NDA headed for a cakewalk in this year's Assembly elections in Bihar?... Read More

Cool Breeze: The Jaitley Gen Next

India, July 4 -- The Jaitley Gen Next Is Arun Jaitley's daughter planning a political debut? One look at Sonali Jaitley Bakshi's Twitter timeline would certainly indicate so, because despite being a ... Read More

Pandemic leaves restaurants bleeding

India, July 4 -- New Delhi: The Covid-19 pandemic has left the restaurant industry bleeding with an estimated loss of about Rs 1 lakh crore in the last 100 days. The sector is also witnessing a closu... Read More

Wahhabi fanatics oppose Krishna temple plan in Islamabad

India, July 4 -- New Delhi: Wahhabi fanatics in Pakistan have started protesting against the federal government's move to support the construction of a grand Lord Krishna temple in Pakistan's capital ... Read More

Pak hoping to topple Ghani, install puppet in Kabul

India, July 4 -- New Delhi: The Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked the Pakistan naval headquarters not to push for the conclusion of a water-sharing agreement with Afghanistan at present ... Read More

India not giving in, will hold its ground against China

India, July 4 -- New Delhi: India will continue to hold its ground militarily and economically against China even as it continues to engage with the Chinese at the diplomatic level to ensure that the ... Read More

The art of painting lives through jewellery & design

India, July 4 -- Payal Bahal Chopra, artist and interior-cum-jewellery designer, talks to G20 about the intricacies of designing, her itch for jewellery, and how she manages her time during the lockdo... Read More

Hanna returns with the cliffhanging season two

India, July 4 -- Created by: David Farr Starring: Esme Creed-Miles, Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, Noah Taylor There is something about the long-form storytelling that makes it highly addictive and e... Read More