Combating Covid-19: India's responses and experience

India, April 7 -- Adhering to the basic rule in crisis management, the Modi government has taken the right step to limit the intensity of the infection by forcing social distancing of the people. Th... Read More

Book Bakers launches online lit fest

India, April 5 -- New Delhi: The Book Bakers, a well-known literary agency, is bringing its first ever online literature festival from 6 April onwards. A week-long affair, it will see a gathering of a... Read More

'Early Wuhan lockdown could have saved more lives'

India, April 4 -- If China had acted swiftly and imposed a lockdown on Wuhan much before the 67 days it took before it finally decided to lock it down on 23 January, the number of infected countries a... Read More

'Covid-19 is unlike H1N1, dengue, TB, AIDS'

India, April 4 -- Doctors say what makes Covid different is the rapid rate of transmission, longer incubation period and no known treatment. New Delhi: Infectious diseases like the H1NI influenza vir... Read More

In long run, US, not China, is best bet

India, April 4 -- Abraham M. Denmark, Director of Asia Center, Woodrow Wilson Center, speaks to The Sunday Guardian. The fear of a corona pandemic has gripped mankind like never before. Not even the ... Read More

World Bank to help India ready virus combat plan

India, April 4 -- Four-year strategy aims to respond and mitigate the threat from coronavirus. New Delhi: The Indian government has proposed a long-term Covid-19 combat strategy called the Stakeholde... Read More

'PM Modi has a tremendous opportunity to drive reforms agenda'

India, April 4 -- Mukesh Aghi, President & CEO, US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, says India has a superb services industry. Global markets and stocks have nosedived, giving sleepless nights to i... Read More

'WHO blocking reforms to meet global health challenges'

India, April 4 -- NEW DELHI: The World Health Organization (WHO) is facing criticism for not allowing reforms that could enable the planet's premier health agency to respond with speed and agility to ... Read More

No threat to power grids at 9 pm on Sunday

India, April 4 -- Hyderabad: The top brass of power utilities in the country have made it clear that there was no threat to the electricity grids due to sudden fluctuations in the demand for about nin... Read More

Covid risk incentivises cooperation in Indo-Pacific

India, April 4 -- China's neighbour Taiwan has been greatly successful in containing Covid-19. TOKYO: The novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) continues its exponential growth worldwide. Governm... Read More