'Drunk driving led to 38,000 road mishaps in three years'

India, Sept. 19 -- Centre passed a strict law last year to increase punishment, penalty for drunk driving. New Delhi: Drunk driving led to over 38,000 road accidents over the last three years and t... Read More


India, Sept. 19 -- Who would call it wrong ? This beating of the heart like a thousand kettle drums My mad search for You googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-159205... Read More

Women are resilient and empowered: Somdutta Singh

India, Sept. 19 -- Dr Somdutta Singh, an entrepreneur, author and an investor, talks to G20 about her endeavours. Excerpts: Q. Tell us about your story. A. I may have been born into an archetypal, r... Read More

Shutdown, a novel foray into Indian Hip-Hop

India, Sept. 19 -- Indian imprint of Nas' iconic label, Mass Appeal India, and India's premier Hip-Hop star and a significant name in India's 'gully rap' movement DIVINE's Gully Gang have collaborated... Read More

Introduction of Graeco-Buddhism: The Gandhara School of Art

India, Sept. 19 -- Greco Buddhism was neither any newfound religious ideal and nor was it a sectarian practice of the citizens of Gandhara. Rather, it was the addition of various Hindu and Buddhist el... Read More

Looks like we have returned to witch-hunting: Shama Sikander on Sushant Singh Rajput case

India, Sept. 19 -- The actress feels that the Sushant Singh Rajput's death has turned things negative. In an interview with G20, she also says that favouritism and nepotism exist not only in the film ... Read More

#FEEDINDIA: Chef Vikas Khanna's herculean efforts amid pandemic

India, Sept. 19 -- The celebrity chef was honoured with the Asia Game Changer award for feeding millions in India amid Covid-19. Vikas Khanna is the only Indian among the recipients of this US-based a... Read More

Japan's New Prime Minister Suga signals continuity

India, Sept. 19 -- The formalisation of the Quad and Quad Plus will likely gain momentum amidst rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific. Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, elected with an overwhelmi... Read More

Larger role for India in Middle East can't be ruled out in long run

India, Sept. 19 -- Fighting the toughest election battle of his political career, US President Donald Trump had something to boast about this week with his show of "influence in the Middle East" as he... Read More

Sleepy Joe or Dodgy Donald, who would be most effective against China? President Biden, of course

India, Sept. 19 -- One of the two elderly, flawed characters will be elected to be the most powerful person on the planet in November. London: Forty-four days to go and Americans, regardless of thei... Read More