Drop in exports and remittance: Lies won't hide the collapsing economy

Dhaka, Oct. 4 -- Two pieces of news that surfaced in the pages of newspapers yesterday show that Bangladesh's present economic crisis will deepen even further, inevitably impacting negatively the doll... Read More

Dengue death toll rises to 61

Dhaka, Oct. 4 -- Three more dengue patients died in 24 hours till Monday morning, raising this year's death toll from the mosquito-borne disease in Bangladesh to 61. During this period, 525 more pati... Read More

Number of flag carrier ships increasing

Dhaka, Oct. 4 -- The number of national flag carrier oceangoing ships is increasing in transportation of goods by sea, which help save the country's forex reserve as the Bangladeshi traders have to sp... Read More

Climate change to impact on housing sector

Dhaka, Oct. 4 -- The global climate change accompanied by the rise of sea level and the increase of temperature will pose a threat to the housing sector in the country when many people will be rendere... Read More

Bottled soybean oil price cut by Tk14 per litre

Dhaka, Oct. 4 -- The price of bottled soybean oil has been reduced by Tk14 per litre to Tk178 effective from Tuesday (4 October). The Bangladesh Vegetable Oil Refiners and Vanaspati Manufacturers Ass... Read More

29 organisations listed as 'critical info infrastructure' under DSA

Dhaka, Oct. 4 -- The ICT Division on Monday declared 29 organisations as 'critical information infrastructure' under the Digital Security Act for the safety of sensitive data under which any illegal a... Read More

Trade deficit widens 6.0pc to $4.56b in July-August

Dhaka, Oct. 4 -- The trade gap of Bangladesh widened more than 6.0 per cent to $4.56 billion in the July-August period from a year earlier, according to data from Bangladesh Bank. The trend was also ... Read More

Lack of BRT's safety measures alarms road users

Dhaka, Oct. 4 -- The implementing authority of the BRT Line-3 has so far spent Tk 5.57 crore for ensuring safety at the project site, but it has failed to do so. The deaths of five people in August ar... Read More

Uncertainty looming over distributing textbooks timely

Dhaka, Oct. 4 -- aIt is a big challenge every year for the government to distribute free textbooks among students timely. Students definitely enjoy the day on which they receive new books in their han... Read More

Aspirations about national election' 2023

Dhaka, Oct. 4 -- Bangladesh has gained attention internationally ahead of its next 12th parliamentary election. In particular, the UK and the US have voiced their opinions about the election they woul... Read More