Court of Inquiry probes aircraft crash

Sri Lanka, Jan. 5 -- The Court of Inquiry set up by the Sri Lanka Air Force to probe the aircraft crash in Haputale to ascertain the cause behind the tragic incident has commenced investigations accor... Read More

NO CLICHE: The old order changeth

Sri Lanka, Jan. 5 -- The United National Party is in a vegetative state, on virtual life support, and the irony is that the UNP's politicians are capable of talking about only one thing these days, wh... Read More

President inaugurates Parliament sans pomp and pageantry

Sri Lanka, Jan. 5 -- The fourth session of the eighth Parliament was ceremonially inaugurated by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Friday (January 3) in a very simple manner without the usual pomp and p... Read More

Millions in wrestling funds misused

Sri Lanka, Jan. 5 -- The current office bearers of the Sri Lanka Wrestling Federation (SLWF) is alleged to have mismanaged funds to the tune of Rs. 3 million during the past three years. The funds we... Read More

A very special year

Sri Lanka, Jan. 5 -- What is so special about 2020? For once, it is a leap year that adds one extra day to our calendar. And such a combination of numbers will not appear until 2121, when only a very ... Read More

The living faith

Sri Lanka, Jan. 5 -- As we enter a new year and a new decade, images of incredible courage and resolution are imprinted in our minds. But most of the religious minded people gather at religious places... Read More

STEAM mindset for wealth creation

Sri Lanka, Jan. 5 -- Opinion: Educating the future generations is one of the most noble professions in the world. Teachers are the drivers and carriers of education. In several developed countries te... Read More

Politics should not hamper development - Northern Governor

Sri Lanka, Jan. 5 -- Newly appointed Northern Province Governor P.S.M.Charles, who is an impeccable senior public servant says she is looking forward to listen to the people and work with provincial l... Read More

Colombo Fashion Council to boost Sri Lanka's fashion industry

Sri Lanka, Jan. 5 -- Sri Lanka's fashion industry witnessed the dawn of a new era with the launch of the Colombo Fashion Council (CFC) recently. The event to celebrate the launch was held at The Offic... Read More

The Rain

Sri Lanka, Jan. 5 -- 'Rain, rain, go away; Come again another day...' Vipuli heard her little daughter singing outside. She peeped through the front door, and watched the child performing a cute dan... Read More