CB Governor justifies stimulus package

Sri Lanka, Dec. 1 -- There is scope and justification for a fiscal stimulus package with room for some infusion in aggregate demand to spur economic growth, Central Bank (CB) Governor Dr. Indrajit Coo... Read More

RPCs propose productivity based, self-managed wage model

Sri Lanka, Nov. 24 -- Moving away from the 150-year-old attendance based, management dependent wage model towards a productivity based, self-managed, wage model is the way out for the plantation secto... Read More

Ceramics: Opportunity for niche product manufacturers

Sri Lanka, Nov. 24 -- Sri Lanka has a rare raw material required for the manufacture of ceramic products, which is also in great demand in the global market. This should be exploited by the industry w... Read More

Exorbitant airfares from Europe hamper tourist arrivals

Sri Lanka, Nov. 17 -- The revival and development of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka depends lot on slashing the exorbitantly high airfares especially from Europe to Sri Lanka which could be achieve... Read More

FDIs expected to reach $ 1.5 b mark this year

Sri Lanka, Nov. 17 -- Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) would reach around US$ 1.5 billion this year which is relatively not bad, but promising, given the October 2018 political upheavals and this year'... Read More

Economists advocate policies not persons

Sri Lanka, Nov. 10 -- The future Head of State and his or her government must cast aside short-term petty and popular programs focused on addressing issues of the moment and instead focus on long-term... Read More

Advanced oil-water separator : Nanotechnology breakthrough will save billions

Sri Lanka, Nov. 3 -- The Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC), a pioneer in nano and advanced technology and research has developed an advanced oil-water separator to remove hazardous liqui... Read More

Keeping pace with rapidly evolving technologies : AI for agriculture: Pilot project underway

Sri Lanka, Oct. 27 -- Several private sector entities with the support from academia from universities across the country have embarked on pilot projects to introduce AI (Artificial Intelligence)-base... Read More

Empowering village youth

Sri Lanka, Oct. 2 -- There was a time when village youth dreamed of the 'big city' as their destination for a good life. But, that was a time of under-development and little business outside the metro... Read More

Experts call for clear energy policies

Sri Lanka, Sept. 29 -- The energy sector - much like many other sectors in the economy, is in shambles with lack of, direction, consistency and clarity in policy, thereby plunging the country further ... Read More