Nepal's tourism now has to re-start from zero

Kathmandu, Sept. 6 -- Not since the early 1950s have we had zero tourists arrive in Kathmandu Valley. Te combination of hostile geography and cautious politics had effectively conspired to keep forei... Read More

Flights to Nepal limited by airport capacity

Kathmandu, Sept. 6 -- Ten international airlines have restarted scheduled flights to Kathmandu after nearly six months, and although there is high passenger demand, the flights are limited because of ... Read More

The red god rises again in Patan

Kathmandu, Sept. 6 -- The rain god Machindranath's chariot procession that was stopped following aclash between locals and policeon Thursday resumed on Sunday, but with restriciton on gatherings of pe... Read More

India and Nepal in Covid-19 crisis together

Kathmandu, Sept. 6 -- On 5 September, India tallied a record 90,600 new cases of the novel coronavirus in a single day - more than any other country since the pandemic began. India will soon overtake ... Read More

Inside story of Nepal's Rana dynasty

Kathmandu, Sept. 5 -- When Sagar Rana launched his book, Singha Durbar: Rise and Fall of the Rana Regime of Nepal three years ago, I asked him what made him and his two brothers Bharat and Jadgish so ... Read More

When the sun sets, it is fun time in Nepal

Kathmandu, Sept. 5 -- The complete ban on the sale of alcohol in India's Bihar state had fostered a booming business in bars and entertainment on the Nepal side of the border. The pandemic lockdown ha... Read More

Ncell Pahilo SIM

Kathmandu, Sept. 5 -- Ncell launched its 'Pahilo SIM' campaign on 3 September, per which 2020 SEE graduates can subscribe to a prepaid SIM card for just Rs1. Under the scheme, customers can make use ... Read More

Nepal experts reject Covid-19 model

Kathmandu, Sept. 4 -- Seven noted public health experts have described an Oxford University study three months ago that projected 50,000 Covid-19 deaths in Nepal by October as dangerously alarmist, an... Read More

Nepal political tug-o-war continues

Kathmandu, Sept. 3 -- After six months of pressure, Prime Minister K P Oli has finally backed down to allow his ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) rivals led by co-chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal to nominate... Read More

Police stop Patan chariot pulling citing Covid-19

Kathmandu, Sept. 3 -- The Machindranath festival is usually supposed to be in May to ensure that the rain gods bring a timely monsoon. The chariot was built during the lockdown, but police stopped it ... Read More