The unsung heroes of conservation

Kathmandu, Sept. 2 -- Indigenous people and local communities provide the best long-term outcomes for conservation at a time when environmentalists debate strategies best suited for the world experien... Read More

Who gets what?

Kathmandu, Sept. 2 -- Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba took office nearly two months ago, but aside from five ministers hehas not been able to set up a full Cabinet. It is not for the lack of trying... Read More

Nepal less and less able to feed itself

Kathmandu, Sept. 1 -- Despite two-thirds of its population dependent on agriculture, and having fertile land ideal for farming, Nepal's annual food imports arerising exponentiallydue to a growing popu... Read More

The house of Kalapremi

Kathmandu, Sept. 1 -- In the centre of the room of the ground floor at Siddhartha Art Gallery, tattooed ceramic female figures stretch languidly astride grazing horses. The 12 blue and white raku war... Read More

Blood, sweat, tears

Kathmandu, Aug. 31 -- Nepal's economy has hit the iceberg, but you wouldn't know it from the politicians fighting it out on the deck. A serial prime ministercannot form a functioning coalition govern... Read More

What is delaying Nepal cabinet expansion?

Kathmandu, Aug. 30 -- Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba took office over a month ago, but aside from six ministers he has not been able to set up a full Cabinet yet because of the need to balance the ... Read More

Nepali pioneers new route on Kilimanjaro

Kathmandu, Aug. 30 -- Three-time Everest summiteer and climate activist Dawa Steven Sherpahas forged a new route up Africa's highest mountain to help Tanzania with an innovative eco-tourism project. ... Read More

Livelihoods matter, restart trekking in Nepal

Kathmandu, Aug. 29 -- On the morning of 20 May this year, we dragged ourselves up to Gokyo Ri, the famous viewpoint in the Khumbu. Four of the world's six highest mountains sliced the crystal-clear ai... Read More

SriLankan flying to Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Aug. 29 -- S riLankan Airlines has announced it will operate twice-weekly direct flights from Colombo to Kathmandu starting from August 31. Published by HT Digital Content Services with pe... Read More

Turkish Airlines to Luanda

Kathmandu, Aug. 29 -- Turkish Airlines has added Luanda, Angola to its African sector with two weekly flights as of October 27, making it the Airlines' 327th estination worldwide. Published by HT Dig... Read More