Nepal hit by disaster during climate talks

Nepal, June 22 -- Even as Nepal's delegates at virtual meetings preparing for a Climate Summit in Glasgow in November were raising the issue of risk from the climate crisis last week, in the real worl... Read More

Nepali conservationist among Rolex awardees

Nepal, June 21 -- Anew generation of Nepali environmental activists is filling the void left by the tragic 2006 Ghunsa crash that saw the loss of many pioneering conservationists including Harka Gurun... Read More

Life lesson from the pandemic

Nepal, June 21 -- Last year was too unpleasant to remember, yet too hard to forget. I was expecting something totally normal. Nothing dangerous, nothing out of the blue. Just another ordinary year. Ho... Read More

Nepali actor shines on Hong Kong silver screen

Nepal, June 20 -- Ayoung man in a brightly patterned jacket is on the run after having stolen drugs from some dangerous-looking people. The scene changes. Let me hide here for a while, says the youn... Read More

Red panda on the red list

Nepal, June 17 -- Despite its increasing popularity among researchers there is still a big gap in knowledge about the habits and spread of red panda across Asia. The red panda is not related to the g... Read More

Kathmandu's Water Day

Nepal, June 16 -- Through the centuries, Kathmandu Valley residents have set aside a day just before the monsoon when the groundwater table is at its lowest to clean their community wells, ponds, publ... Read More

Mist and mud in Nagarkot's empty monsoon

Kathmandu, June 15 -- Nagarkot, the favourite selfie-station for the residents of congested Kathmandu in pre-pandemic times, is deserted and shrouded in monsoon mist with locals all busy on the paddy ... Read More

Nepal's epidemic of hunger

Kathmandu, June 14 -- There are 34 households in Mohattarai's Anaitaneighbourhood, most of them have at least four children each.In the last three years, three children in the community have died due ... Read More

Nepal must allow foreign investment in pharmaceuticals

Kathmandu, June 14 -- When President Joe Biden announced last month that the United States was waiving vaccine patents temporarily in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was first seen as a major bo... Read More

Nepal's wild elephants are also on the move

Kathmandu, June 13 -- Before Covid-19 and lockdowns I would be guiding tourists aroundBardia National Parkthis time of year. But the pandemic has meant empty homestays along the Khata Wildlife Corrido... Read More