Privacy is power

Kathmandu, Jan. 22 -- In the age of smartphones under pillows, screenshots, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, location trackers and free platforms that make money off our data:privacyis rapidly becomi... Read More

Why wear a mask?

Kathmandu, Jan. 22 -- This listicle is brought to you in the public interest by the Department of Pandemics that falls under the Ministry of Pandemonium of GONe. Masks have now become as essential an... Read More

Dahal-Nepal hold anti-Oli rally

Kathmandu, Jan. 22 -- More than a month after Prime Minister K P Olidissolved the Lower Houseand called for interim elections in April-May, the biggest protest so far against the move was held on Frid... Read More

Turkish PCR test partnership

Kathmandu, Jan. 22 -- Turkish Airlines has signed an agreement with Health at Home/Med Pro International to provide free PCR tests to Business Class passengers flying out from Kathmandu on the carrier... Read More

Jabs and jab-nots

Kathmandu, Jan. 21 -- The first lot of 1 million Covishield vaccines donated by the Indian government to Nepal as part of its good-neighbourly 'Vaccine Maitri' campaign arrived in Kathmandu on Thursda... Read More

Himalaya Airlines tests Lhasa

Kathmandu, Jan. 21 -- Himalaya Airlines flew its first high-altitude destination to Lhasa for a test flight on 19 January. Captain Hao Di, Vice President of Operations, led the test flight crew, which... Read More

Polluted politics

Kathmandu, Jan. 20 -- Along with poor quality of education, unaffordable healthcare, lack of safe drinking water, crumbling infrastructure, Nepalis have learnt not to expect anything from any governme... Read More

New Honda City

Kathmandu, Jan. 20 -- Syakar Trading Company has launched two versions of the new Honda City 5th Generation, the Honda City VX CVT and the HondaCity ZX CVT, in Nepal. The features of the new Honda Ci... Read More

Ncell's #fastforwardlife

Kathmandu, Jan. 20 -- Ncell has launched a new scheme for customers who change their SIM from 3G to 4G as part of the company's ongoing campaign, #FastForwardLife, aiming to encourage customers to rei... Read More

The fabric of democracy

Kathmandu, Jan. 19 -- One sure sign that Nepal's politics is once more heating up can be discerned these days at the workshop of Mihtila Printing Suppliers in Bagbazar. The factory cannot churn out p... Read More