Watch: woman activist claiming to be beaten by Taliban in Kabul

Afghanistan, Sept. 4 -- A women activist, Nargis Sadaat claims to be beaten by the Taliban fighters as they protested for their rights and share in the incoming government in Kabul on Saturday, Septem... Read More

UK, Germany pledge to continue assistance to Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Sept. 3 -- The Taliban political office based in Doha said that the United Kingdom and Germany pledged to continue humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. Deputy Head of the office, Sher... Read More

Taliban claim capture of district in Panjshir, resistance forces deny

Afghanistan, Sept. 3 -- Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan claims to have captured the Shutul district of Panjshir province but resistance forces have denied the claim. Acting minister of culture and inf... Read More

Taliban meeting with representatives of regional countries in Doha struggles for building foreign relations

Afghanistan, Sept. 2 -- As the Taliban leaders along with their supreme leader Mullah Hebtullah Akhundzada is have wrapped up their negotiations on gorging a set-up for the upcoming government in Afgh... Read More

Afghanistan's central bank asks US to release reserves of Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Sept. 2 -- The board of Afghanistan's central bank-De Afghanistan bank- has asked the US to release the reserves of the country and allow the Taliban to have access to the billions of dol... Read More

First international flight lands in Kabul airport since Taliban takeover

Afghanistan, Sept. 2 -- It has been nearly 20 days since the last international commercial plane has landed in Afghanistan or has flown over the country. A Qatari flight carrying technical team lande... Read More

Afghanistan's biggest money exchange market to open on Saturday

Afghanistan, Sept. 2 -- Afghanistan's central bank has announced that the biggest money exchange market-Sarai Shahzada- based in Kabul to be activated on Saturday, September 4. Central bank-De Afghan... Read More

Saleh calls Pnajshir resistance for entire Afghanistan as Taliban launches attacks

Afghanistan, Sept. 1 -- Former first vice-president Amrullah Saleh in his Facebook post on Wednesday, September 1 wrote that the anti-Taliban resistance is based in Panjshir province but is not limite... Read More

Gunmen impersonating Taliban stabbed money changer in Kabul

Afghanistan, Sept. 1 -- A number of gunmen who were pretending to be the Taliban fighters stabbed a moneychanger in Police District eight of Kabul city. Deputy Head of Afghanistan's chamber of commer... Read More

Negotiations over Panjshir province go in vain: Taliban

Afghanistan, Sept. 1 -- Head of the Taliban's commission for guidance and encouragement, Mullah Amir Khan Motaqi said that their negotiations with the tribal elders and leaders failed and asked the Pe... Read More