'Not Just RTGS And NEFT, RBI Must Do Away With All Bank Charges'

New Delhi, June 17 -- Financial Accountability Network India has welcomed the Reserve Bank of India's decision to remove charges for the RTGS and NEFT transactions and to form a committee under the ch... Read More

Bengal Renaissance versus Hate Politics

New Delhi, May 15 -- What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow! This was a proud, albeit, narcissistic slogan, of an enlightened and educated Bengal during pre-and post-colonial times. The Beng... Read More

Power Can Grow From The Barrel Of NYAY.

New Delhi, May 14 -- Recall the long-forgotten presidential speech on August 15, 1947, by the Constituent Assembly chairman, Dr Rajendra Prasad. This speech can hardly be improved upon as the national... Read More

One Rizwan Too Many

New Delhi, May 14 -- Rizwan Asad Pandit, 30, a resident of Pulwama in south Kashmir, is the latest victim of an interrogation centre in Kashmir. On March 17, the Jammu and Kashmir police picked up Riz... Read More

'It's Very Important To Tell Our Own Story Before Others Hijack It'

New Delhi, May 14 -- "I film to heal," says Emad Burnat, the village-farmer plus filmmaker of the internationally acclaimed film on the struggles and daily life in Palestine, 5 Broken Cameras. The fil... Read More

It All Began On A Summer Afternoon At Deoband

New Delhi, May 10 -- In early April, I traveled to Deoband in western UP, famous for its Islamic seminary, to attend the first joint 'Mahagathbandan' rally. The road to the venue, where the three part... Read More

Illusions, Poetry and Dark Times

New Delhi, May 10 -- The other one, Borges, is the one to whom things happen . It would be an exaggeration to say that our relationship is hostile; I live, I keep on living, so that Borges can weave h... Read More

Here Comes The Good Old 1990s

New Delhi, May 10 -- It was not that long ago when family conversations still happened face-to-face as opposed to compulsive 'connecting' through WhatsApp or Facebook, and when summer vacation was sti... Read More

Why Suicide Bombers Blow Up In The Morning?

New Delhi, May 10 -- Sanjay Kapoor New Delhi On April 30, first time in five years, the Islamic State (IS) released a video of their Khalifa, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Greyed and portly, Baghdadi was def... Read More

Tina And The Politics Of Blackmail

New Delhi, May 10 -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi's victory in the coming parliamentary elections is presented by his 'bhakts' as an inevitability that cannot be challenged by the opposition parties. ... Read More