Congress Conundrum: can Rahul Gandhi lead party, avoid a split and democratize?

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Poets and artists as enemies of the State

New Delhi, Aug. 28 -- As COVID is wrecking down borders, bodies and cells, one wonders what could be the interest of a State to keep its poets, writers, journalists and activists in jail. Peasant lead... Read More

Kamala Harris and India: Counter-revolution and a New Spring

India, Aug. 18 -- The nomination of Kamala Harris, a half-Jamaican, half-Indian American, as the running mate of the Democrats' presidential nominee, Joe Biden, for vice presidency of the United State... Read More

Tallest Statue of Parshuram: Opposition leaders woo Brahmins in UP

India, Aug. 14 -- In a significant political development, opposition parties in UP have promised big statues of Bhagwan Parshuram to woo the powerful Brahmin community which constitutes 13 per cent of... Read More

Temple of Lord Ram, pandemic and an angry neighbourhood

India, Aug. 8 -- On August 5, like a victor, Prime Minister Narendra Modi strode to the Ramjanambhoomi complex, recently rescued from its disputed status by a flawed and highly controversial judgment ... Read More

Vikas Dubey: Somebody wanted him killed. Somebody with enough power

India, Aug. 1 -- Beatrice Jaregui's book on UP Police titled, 'Provisional Authority: Police, order and security in India' (2017), is a fascinating work based on her long stay in UP from 2004-2017 (wi... Read More

Food During COVID: Less is More

India, July 28 -- Dr Rakhshanda Jalil is a translator, writer and literary historian. She has published over 25 books and written over 50 academic papers and essays. Her book on the lesser-known monum... Read More

World after Pandemic: Bad Dream as bad faith

India, July 26 -- This is the second part of Amit Sengupta's musings about journeying through a nightmare based on the experiences of Czech writer and leader, Vaclav Havel, Franz Kafka or Arana Neuman... Read More