We are in the same boat brother!

India, Jan. 1 -- As in The Plague by Albert Camus, the epidemic stays, never goes away. Most of its deadly stuff stays embedded in the political and aesthetic unconscious of the mind- like brand new c... Read More

Media, courts and the malice of the State

India, Dec. 29 -- In its charge sheet of Pinjra Tod activist and PhD scholar in JNU, Devangana Kalita, the Delhi Police in a UAPA case calls the undertrial, Umar Khalid, a "veteran of sedition". Accor... Read More

Covid-19 Vaccine Dilemma: To vaccinate or not? And which one to take?

India, Dec. 18 -- India has a long tradition of making vaccines. There is a view that ancients knew about small pox inoculation. But it was the British rule in India that helped create an infrastructu... Read More

50 years of Bangladesh: A musical birth of a violated nation

India, Dec. 16 -- How many countries have had marquee musicians perform for their benefit even while they were in the throes of being born? How many countries have had songs dedicated to them while th... Read More

India-China face-off: Xi Jinping's redlines on snow

India, Dec. 7 -- When the Chinese soldiers came for their spring exercise in March 2020 to Northern Ladakh after the virus in Wuhan had waned- much to the surprise and chagrin of the Indian army-they ... Read More

'We need to have children of different abilities, cultures and social classes in a classroom'

New Delhi, Nov. 24 -- Vijayam Kartha is a nationally recognised educationist, trainer and advisor in the field of education and social impact. She is part of 'Initiatives of Change', a worldwide movem... Read More

One step back, two steps forward...

New Delhi, Nov. 24 -- The buoyant and confident reassertion of the red flag in Bihar in the recent assembly polls has come as a moment of both collective revelation and political life-affirmation for ... Read More


New Delhi, Nov. 22 -- After a three-year stint as Under Secretary in the Central Board of Direct Taxes, New Delhi, I was promoted to the rank of Deputy Commissioner in May 1992 and transferred to Mumb... Read More

US Elections: Thank the Rainbow Coalition for Change. It's here!

New Delhi, Nov. 9 -- Neither red nor blue states, he believes in the United States of America, says President-Elect Joe Biden. If only it could be that simple in a sharply polarized and divided Americ... Read More

Who will police the algorithmS?

New Delhi, Oct. 27 -- In August 2020, a video went viral on social media claiming it to be of the 'King of Bahrain' and his robot. A man wearing a thwab (robe) was referred to as the king and the 8 fe... Read More