Cut your nose to spite your face

India, Oct. 24 -- Spite covers psychology, economics, genetics, literature and current affairs to examine why humans inflict self-harm just to get one over on someone else. Why do we secretly want our... Read More

Covid-19 and the gaze of the Devi

India, Oct. 24 -- Nine Nights of the GoddessEdited by Caleb Simmons, Moumita Sen and Hillary Rodrigues359pp, ~799, Aleph Published by HT Digital Content Services with permission from HT Lucknow.... Read More

'It must be scary to be a man.'

India, Oct. 24 -- 1Were there any concerns about reconstructing and deconstructing the myths surrounding motherhood and maternal care that have been ossified in popular imagination? I'm drawing on an... Read More

Canada House panel: Xinjiang seeing genocide

Toronto/ Beijing, Oct. 24 -- A Canadian parliamentary panel has described the persecution of the Uighurs in Xinjiang as a "genocide", asking the government to recognise it as such and to impose sancti... Read More

The Hindu factor in the US presidential polls

India, Oct. 24 -- Kamala Harris, the Democratic nominee for vice-president, was depicted as Durga in a visual tweeted by a relative on the first day of Navratri. Democratic presidential candidate Joe ... Read More

In Bihar, the importance of being Nitish Kumar

India, Oct. 24 -- Bihar never fails to surprise. Given the intensity of anti-incumbency against Nitish Kumar, his electoral fortune in the ensuing election should have nosedived. However, he remains t... Read More

A reasoned critique of Hindutva and Hinduism

India, Oct. 24 -- In a reasoned critique of Hindutva and Hinduism, feminist scholar and activist, Wandana Sonalkar, outlines why she, born female and upper caste in Maharashtra, has repudiated her rel... Read More

A meditation on Indian foreign policy

India, Oct. 24 -- It's not often that one gets to read a book by a sitting diplomat, leave alone a sitting cabinet minister. So when a sitting External Affairs Minister decides to put pen to paper, it... Read More

UK project detects traces of coronavirus in sewage

London, Oct. 24 -- A British government-led project said on Friday that traces of the coronavirus have been detected in sewage, providing an early warning for outbreaks in local areas or institutions ... Read More

Race for White House in last mile

Washington, Oct. 24 -- President Donald Trump and rival Joe Biden began a sprint through the final 11 days of the race for the White House on Friday, after battling over Covid-19 and personal integrit... Read More