Bollywood is not bad, it's a decent place: John Abraham

India, Aug. 31 -- Bollywood's Man of Steel - John Abraham is just that, both by his looks and his mental strength. As someone who has made it this far, without any connections, there are quite a few l... Read More

Rajkummar Rao says doors don't open easily, but be at it

India, Aug. 31 -- Around mid-2000s, a young Rajkummar Rao cycled 70km at times (to theatre classes) while pursuing graduation in Delhi. He was also prepping for the Film and Television Institute of In... Read More

'There's a price you pay to be a public figure'

India, Aug. 31 -- Not one who reserves her comments for an opportune moment, Taapsee Pannu has always spoken her mind. Even if she gets trolled for her 'befitting replies', the actor says she won't st... Read More

The edgy, trendy, all-new us!

India, Aug. 31 -- Afamily is as separate in its tangs and tastes as it is joint. Some begin their mornings with the front page, others with the last. Some hunt for politics in page 3, others for page ... Read More

Your HTCafe is now the brand new HTCity!

India, Aug. 31 -- This is that catchy window, filled with your daily dose of all the top stories of the day, which, mind you, will only leave you asking for more. Published by HT Digital Content Serv... Read More

India's first digital couture week announced

India, Aug. 31 -- Ever since fashion shows were cancelled in light of the pandemic, fashion enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for a virtual show. Hindustan Times is delighted to announce the first... Read More

Mumbai patiently waits for gym doors to open

India, Aug. 31 -- Six months into the lockdown, be it for youngsters or professionals, mundane activities of the now bygone normal days are catching up with them. The excitement of hitting the gym, in... Read More

We shall party one day!

India, Aug. 31 -- Akshay Kaushal When life gives you lemon, squeeze it into a refreshing mocktail and say cheers. The pandemic has taught us to celebrate the gift of life and live it to the fullest. ... Read More

Close shave with Covid

India, Aug. 31 -- Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco... Read More

Post-Covid-19 fashion week forecast

India, Aug. 31 -- Bad news for F-Rowers, some of whom try every trick in the book to land the coveted front row pass and then desperately try to balance their derriere bandaged in Alaia to squeeze int... Read More