Higher Goals

Dehradun, Sept. 17 -- The opposition, particularly the Congress, should at least give Prime Minister Modi credit for some intelligence. Having been outmaneuvered by him, again and again, in domestic p... Read More

Panicked Bollywood

Dehradun, Sept. 17 -- The controversy over Sushant Singh Rajput's death has segued into a social media debate over the use of narcotics in Bollywood. Member of the cinema world's 'first family' and Sa... Read More

Rajesh Beri's inspiring journey from electronics world to silver screen!

Dehradun, Sept. 17 -- Rajesh Beri is a unique kind of multitasker and a multitalented person. Educated to be an Electronic Engineer, he served with the Railways till 1997, before becoming a writer, po... Read More

Preventing Polarisation

Dehradun, Sept. 16 -- Two policepersons sitting in a car were shot point blank by an as yet unidentified person in the US. It became an occasion for celebration among 'Black Lives Matter' activists, s... Read More

Bygone Doon: How Sweet Was Our Valley.II

Dehradun, Sept. 16 -- Sugarcane as a crop was introduced in the second half of the nineteenth century but it was not considered significant from a commercial perspective, as the early varieties were s... Read More

The Jugad of a-la-carte

Dehradun, Sept. 15 -- We, the Government Fast-foods are meant for fast lifestyles. But for all the creative variations of the Big M, the southern charm of the Chicken Colonel, and the blandishments ... Read More

Hollow Authority

Dehradun, Sept. 15 -- A TV news channel has reported in Doon that, even as 'strict protocols' have been enforced for people coming into the state regarding corona tests, etc., these are being applied ... Read More

Bygone Doon: How Sweet Was Our Valley.I

Dehradun, Sept. 15 -- In the second half of the nineteenth century, Cautley's Canals were bringing the mountain torrents to the Valley tamed by check dams, sluices, weirs and canals that modulated the... Read More

Abhay Deol & Pankaj Kapoor sci-fi starrer JL50 is shaky yet engaging

Dehradun, Sept. 15 -- In conversation with Shailender Vyas, Director of JL50 series released on Sony LIV Shailender took no time in choosing his career path. Just as he was on the verge of completing... Read More

The VoW Podcasts are Catching On!

Dehradun, Sept. 14 -- 10 weeks to go! Our podcast VoW Connect originated as a concept and an idea in the time of this ongoing pandemic - little did I know that I would end up co- hosting this project... Read More