We have called the Chinese bluff: Gen VK Singh (Retd)

Dehradun, July 14 -- The War That Wasn't with reference to the interview conducted by journalist Karan Thapar (son of General PranThapar, who was the Army Chief in '62) and Ajai Shukla, a former Army ... Read More

Dysfunctional Opposition

Dehradun, July 14 -- Why do people vote for a political party? Theoretically, it should be because they believe in its ideology, feel that the promises made in the manifesto meet their requirements, h... Read More

"Online learning can never compete with the school environment"

Dehradun, July 13 -- Exclusive interview with St Joseph's ICSE Topper, Ashok Bhatt You've scored 98.4%, how does it feel like? How is your family celebrating it? I would be lying if I say that the f... Read More

"State should give credit to unacknowledged meritorious students"

Dehradun, July 13 -- Tete-e-tete with CJM ICSE Topper, Taanvi Arora You've scored 99%, how does it feel like? How is your family celebrating it? Being very honest, I would not say that it was comple... Read More

"I am grateful for the appreciation"

Dehradun, July 13 -- Interview with Yagya Bhasin As the little Yagya Bhasin turns 11 this year in August, he slips out of bed, after his study schedule in the Covid world, to answer our questions aft... Read More

"My dreams have always inspired me"

Dehradun, July 13 -- Exclusive interview with Carman School ICSE Topper, Quba Zahir You've scored 99%, what does it feel like? How is your family celebrating it? After the declaration of the result,... Read More

Unlock Failures

Dehradun, July 13 -- Any haste or negligence in unlocking the economy can have the opposite effect in corona times. This fact is highlighted by Bollywood's most valuable asset Amitabh Bachchan contrac... Read More

To feed or not to feed

Dehradun, July 13 -- Who is a genuine dog lover? Someone who gives a stray a home or one who merely feeds her or him? The answer is a no brainer! By feeding a stray, one is merely appeasing one's con... Read More

High Speed network will be extended to 5991 Gram Panchayats: CM

DEHRADUN, July 12 -- Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat today informed that a project worth Rs 2,000 crores had been approved by the Union Government to provide high speed internet access to 65 bloc... Read More


Dehradun, July 12 -- Ganesh Saili 'What's Futty-Chath?' Avid history buff and teacher Mark Windsor asks me. 'Where on earth did they get a name like that?' Carefully he superimposes the grid of an o... Read More