"Taking care of one's health is mandatory," Col Guha

Dehradun, Sept. 23 -- Day 6 of Induction Prog at Graphic Era Dehradun, 22 Sep: Motivational speaker and lifestyle coach Colonel Gautam Guha (Retd) said, today, that health is the most important part ... Read More

Bygone Doon: Between the Cup and the Lip - II

Dehradun, Sept. 23 -- Interestingly, in the successful, and no less in significance, management of Doon tea estates, important roles were played by three categories of people, none of whom were native... Read More

The Elephant in the Room

Dehradun, Sept. 23 -- We, the Government One of the nice things of working in our small town is that we get a sense of what citizens at the grassroots feel. They are stalwart, pragmatic, souls. Many ... Read More

Stinging Nettle: Underutilised Fiber Resource for Woven Textiles in U'khand

Dehradun, Sept. 23 -- "Kandali" (Urtica dioica), commonly known as stinging nettle, is a green, leafy, dense, hardy and herbaceous plant, that often grows to about 2 metres (6.5 feet) in height. It i... Read More

Bygone Doon: Between the Cup and the Lip - I

Dehradun, Sept. 22 -- The acquisition of the Doon Valley by the British as a result of the Anglo-Gorkha War of 1814-15 opened up a Pandora's Box for them. They not only got possession of a region that... Read More

What Ails Our Police

Dehradun, Sept. 22 -- Taking Stock on Police Reforms Day, 22 Sep The track record related to investigations by India's police forces has not been what would make the leaders of the force satisfied. I... Read More

Fresh Opportunity

Dehradun, Sept. 22 -- For decades now, Uttarakhand has been producing talent for Bollywood - not just actors, but also directors, lyricists and writers. Of late, even musicians and TV celebrities have... Read More

Abusing Privilege

Dehradun, Sept. 22 -- The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha rightly suspended eight opposition MPs for a week following their rowdy behaviour in the House. Leading this ignoble charge was Derek O'Brien, who... Read More

Anjali Pandey's 'Mahina' focus on taboos around menstruation

DEHRADUN, Sept. 21 -- Actress Anjali Pandey has produced, directed, acted in, written the story and screenplay of a short film (13 minutes) "Mahina", highlighting taboos around menstruation that still... Read More

Misguided By Our Guides

Dehradun, Sept. 21 -- First came the foundation stone. It listed the hallowed names of our city fathers. Walk around town to see similar signs embellishing railings, gates, public offices, shops, stor... Read More