A most deserving recognition

Dhaka, Dec. 27 -- It was the just reward for over three decades of nurturing a passion. A passion for weaving various patterns of ornaments with semi-precious stones and pearls. The brand she has buil... Read More

A year that veered off script

Dhaka, Dec. 27 -- The biting winter weather in which Bangladesh looks set to bid farewell to 2019 is not dissimilar to the way the year started. Then too, a cold wave had set in to greet the New Year,... Read More

ICAB gets new President, Vice Presidents

Dhaka, Dec. 27 -- The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) has elected Muhammad Farooq FCA as President and Sidhartha Barua FCA, Sabbir Ahmed FCA and Mohammed Forkan Uddin FCA as Vi... Read More

Are there any substitutes for the onion?

Dhaka, Dec. 27 -- As a spice, the humble Onion has indispensable contribution in Bengali cuisine and recipes. However, due to unprecedented price hike of Onion in recent days, masses of Bangladesh are... Read More

BPL 2019: Failing to catch on

Dhaka, Dec. 27 -- The first phase of this year's BPL - rebranded as the Bangabandhu BPL - drew to a close in much the same way that it started its stay in the capital: in front of gaping swathes of em... Read More

Securing Nature for Peace and Stability

Dhaka, Dec. 27 -- Life and Nature in Nazrul Works Reviewed By Shishir Reza Author: Dr. Ali Hossen Publisher: Bangla Academy Price: 170 Taka In June 2011, Dr. Ali Hossen has been published a book ... Read More

Where is civil society when you need it?

Dhaka, Dec. 27 -- Every five years I squirrel away everything I can find on the changing contours of civil society, and then try to make some sense of it all in relation to larger trends in politics a... Read More

Japan gets Iran's consent for joining Gulf patrol duty

Dhaka, Dec. 22 -- Tokyo - Japan's relationship with Iran is an important foreign policy matter on which Tokyo differs significantly from its closest ally. Tension between Iran and the United States is... Read More

Kumar Shahani conducts a class in city

Dhaka, Dec. 20 -- The festival committee of 15th International Short & Independent Film Festival Dhaka'19 recently arranged a master class which was conducted by the eminent Indian filmmaker Kumar Sha... Read More

20 Years of Artcellism

Dhaka, Dec. 20 -- Artcell, one of the leading progressive metal bands of Bangladesh, has brightened up the country's rock music scenario through its alluring songs and compositions. To celebrate the 2... Read More