World Entrepreneur Day 2020: 8 Entrepreneurs and their contribution to the tech-startup industry

New Delhi, Aug. 21 -- August 21st marks World Entrepreneur Day. It is a day dedicated solely to entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation across the globe. It is also a day that creates awareness ab... Read More

JEE Main-Neet 2020: Students ask Subramanian Swamy to help postpone exams. Here is his response. [UPDATE]

New Delhi, Aug. 21 -- The Supreme Court has refused to postpone the dates for the JEE Main and NEET exams 2020. Further, the Centre has finalised the safety SOP to conduct the examination amid the una... Read More

Tips to implement no-meeting days for your team!

New Delhi, Aug. 21 -- Love them or not, meetings do take up a large piece of what we call work time. It's how we discuss our plan of action, chalk out ideas, share updates, brainstorm on projects, and... Read More

A Year Around Moon; Seven More to Go: Happy Anniversary Chandrayaan 2

New Delhi, Aug. 21 -- "Today Chandrayaan 2 completes one year on Moon orbit. It was successfully inserted in the Lunar orbit on August 20, 2019," said ISRO. The moment has been one to be proud of by e... Read More

JEE Main-Neet 2020: 10 Reasons Why The Government Should Cancel Exams (It's not COVID!)

New Delhi, Aug. 20 -- When the Supreme Court rejecting the plea of further postponement of the JEE Main and NEET, the NTA has come up with some directions. It has advised candidates to follow these be... Read More

Jigsaw Academy launches Cyber Security program with premier Israeli Cybersecurity Institute HackerU

New Delhi, Aug. 20 -- Jigsaw Academy is a Manipal Global investee company. HackerU is Israel's premier cybersecurity training provider. Both the companies have announced the launch of a new Master Cer... Read More

StartUp India and IIM Bangalore Invite Social or Environmental Ideas for Pitcher Perfect Season 3

New Delhi, Aug. 20 -- Pitcher Perfect is IIM Bangalore's version of Shark Tank designed for early-stage social start-ups to pitch their ideas in front of top-notch investors/VCs and raise funding. Thi... Read More

Common Eligibility Test Model Explained: NRA to hold CET instead of SSC, Bank and Indian Railways Jobs

New Delhi, Aug. 20 -- The Union cabinet on Wednesday streamlined the process of how Indians can apply to three main government jobs. Earlier during the Union Budget, FM Nirmala Sitharaman has proposed... Read More

Gmail Down In India for Over an Hour; Users Can't Send Mails With Attachments

New Delhi, Aug. 20 -- Many users have since an hour been tweeting that Gmail is down. Some people are having errors just on file attachments and uploading, while some people can't log in at all. Googl... Read More

Anil Goteti-Senior VP and Head of Marketing of Flipkart- steps down to continue an entrepreneurial journey

New Delhi, Aug. 20 -- E-commerce giant Flipkart has announced that one of its key executives Anil Goteti will step down. Anil had been with the company since 2012. He will step down from his role to p... Read More