The rules of writing an unauthorised biography

India, July 12 -- In February 2017, I signed a contract to write a biography of Priyanka Chopra. It was important to talk to Priyanka and those close to her. I contacted her manager in the US and then... Read More

From cricket to football: Sport takes a knee, turns a corner in fight against racism

India, July 12 -- Earlier this week, former West Indies cricketer Michael Holding and Ebony Rainford-Brent, the first Black woman to play for England, delivered a powerful message on racism during the... Read More

Institutionalising discrimination

Nepal, July 12 -- A few weeks ago, a large group of Nepali youths took to the streets to protest against government incompetence, corruption and lack of sensitivity in the Covid-19 response. The prote... Read More

The Engineering Journey At PhonePe: A Growth Framework For Engineers And Engineering Managers

India, July 12 -- As PhonePe moves to its next phase of growth, my challenge was to design an engineering organization that places our ambitious goal squarely at the center while giving engineers a ro... Read More

Hardik Patel Appointed Working President of Gujarat Congress

New Delhi, July 12 -- Patidar leader Hardik Patel has been appointed the new working president of the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee. "Congress president has approved the proposal of the appointm... Read More

Army Establishes Entrepreneurship, Skill Development Centre At Balapur

Srinagar, July 12 -- Balapur Military Garrison has set up an Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Centre (ESDC) at Balapur with an aim to empower and provide employment opportunity for the local youth... Read More

Netflix unveils Coronavirus short film collection Homemade

Sri Lanka, July 12 -- Jackie filmmaker Pablo Larrain may be set to direct Kristen Stewart in Lady Diana film Spencer, but the pair will first collaborate in a new collection of short films for Netflix... Read More

Decoding the Mike Flynn case

Bangladesh, July 12 -- The case of Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, accused of lying to the feds, was recently reopened by a new attorney. Though the appellate court has since upheld the Justice Department's orde... Read More

Cash, on delivery: How India has taken up DBT in the times of COVID-19

India, July 12 -- India has employed its direct benefit transfer system to help people tide over the ongoing health and economic crises. Its real test will begin when the crises deepen Without any ca... Read More

Astroturf | Unlock the mind to heal

India, July 12 -- Lockdown is being gradually eased out. People are trying to resume normal activities, but the problems confronting us are not yet over. It will take some time before things settle do... Read More