Long and winding road home to Nepal

Kathmandu, June 24 -- Kalim Miya had paid $3,450 for a driving job in the UAE, but was paid less than a third of the $400 a month he was promised. He and colleagues similarly cheated resigned, and str... Read More

The Kathmandu airlift begins

Kathmandu, June 10 -- Nepali workers throng the embassy in Abu Dhabi demanding flights home. A fter outrage on social media about the government not following its own guidelines about repatriating Ne... Read More

One-way ticket home for overseas Nepali workers

Kathmandu, May 29 -- As Nepal prepares to bring home the first batch of 25,000 overseas migrant workers home, there are lessons to learn from the experience of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Phi... Read More

The long journey to Nepal

Kathmandu, May 27 -- The India-Nepal border that had been sealed for the past two months of lockdownsin both countriesstarted to reopen last week, but many have found that their ordeal is not over. J... Read More

Overseas Nepalis on the COVID-19 frontlines

Kathmandu, May 13 -- On Tuesday, as the world paid grateful tribute to nurses, thousands of medical personnel from Nepal were on duty across the world caring for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemi... Read More

Nepal grapples with bringing workers home

Kathmandu, May 7 -- On 5 May, migrant workers appeared at the gates of the Nepal Embassy in Abu Dhabi even before office hours. The Emirates Cab Company in Sharjah had cancelled their contracts months... Read More

Migrants who want to remain

Kathmandu, May 6 -- The Nepal government has started registering its migrant workers who want to return home in West Asia and Malaysia, and planning for their transport and quarantine. But there are m... Read More

Nepali workers in Malaysia fear COVID-19 crackdown

Kathmandu, May 3 -- On International Workers' Day on 1 May 586 undocumented migrants and refugees in Malaysia were rounded up and taken to detention buildings. The raid took place in three buildings i... Read More

Nepalis in Kuwait apply to return home

Kathmandu, April 28 -- More than 2,500 undocumented Nepali workers in Kuwait have taken advantage of the government's amnesty to apply for travel documents so they can eventually fly back to Kathmandu... Read More

Nepalis stranded in the Maldives

Kathmandu, April 27 -- Ninety percent of Nepal's overseas contract workers are in West Asia and Malaysia, but there are other countries like the Maldives where the estimated 5-10,000 Nepalis employed ... Read More