When the bullets felled John F. Kennedy

Dhaka, Nov. 22 -- It is time to remember a statesman who should have lived longer, whose life was cut short by an assassin's bullets. In the violent end of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, it was more than a ... Read More

My friend the robin

Dhaka, Nov. 15 -- A robin, young and red-breasted, has become a great friend of mine over the past month. It looks out for me and the moment it espies me sitting down at my laptop by the window in the... Read More

Onions . . . and the tears that flow

Dhaka, Nov. 8 -- Onions are among the biggest pleasures of life. They can also, in moments wrought in unpredictability, be a source of pain. Think of the tears which flow freely when onions are being ... Read More

Ayub Khan, his diaries, his anti-Bengali stance

Dhaka, Nov. 1 -- Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan, Pakistan's first military dictator, seized power in a coup on 27 October 1958, held on to it till 25 March 1969 and died in April 1974. All these dec... Read More

The United Nations remains relevant

Dhaka, Oct. 25 -- More than half a century ago, Dag Hammarskjoeld perished in the depths of Africa in his quest to bring peace to Congo. His sacrifice remains a supreme example of the lengths to which... Read More

Obaidul Huq . . . professionalism personified

Dhaka, Oct. 18 -- It has been twelve years since Obaidul Huq passed into the ages. It has been over a decade since we have missed --- and do miss every day --- his journalism, his literary qualities, ... Read More

Pakistan's army, sixty one years after October 1958

Dhaka, Oct. 11 -- Pakistan's army chief, General Qamar Bajwa, recently called leading Pakistani businessmen to a meeting where the country's economic situation was reviewed. Prime Minister Imran Khan ... Read More

The world, as Sukumar Ray saw it

Dhaka, Sept. 20 -- Sukumar Ray died young, too young for our liking you might say. Born in 1887, he saw his life draw to an end in 1923. But then, considering the vast repertoire of intellectual accom... Read More

Chunks of Bengali history

Dhaka, Sept. 13 -- A hundred and eight years the annulment of the first partition of Bengal in 1911, it is time to reflect on old dreams and equally old nightmares. For nothing can be more agonizing t... Read More