SEBI, Attorney-General may take action against Hindenburg as its report is based on lies: Adani Group CFO

New Delhi, Jan. 30 -- The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) may allege that a certain investor suffered financial loss as the Hindenburg Research is based on lies, according to Adani Group... Read More

We've answered all questions by Hindenburg Research: Adani Group CFO Jugeshinder Singh

New Delhi, Jan. 30 -- Adani Group CFO Jugeshinder Singh has said that the company answered all the questions raised by US short seller Hindenburg Research. Moreover, he said that the Adani Group had a... Read More

Srinagar: All flights delayed due to continuous snowfall

New Delhi, Jan. 30 -- All flights have been delayed due to continuous snowfall, Srinagar airport director Kuldeep Singh Rishi has informed. The visibility is only 200 metres, he added. To avoid inconv... Read More

Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan creates Box Office history in North America

New Delhi, Jan. 30 -- Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan is doing what no Hindi film has ever done in terms of box office numbers. It grossed Rs.429 crore worldwide in just four days while becoming the fastest ... Read More

JDU alliance with BJP again? 'Would rather die', says Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

New Delhi, Jan. 30 -- Nitish Kumar would prefer death to allying with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Bihar chief minister has said. He also said that Lalu Prasad Yadav had been tricked into joi... Read More

Joe Biden authorised to extend employment authorisation to immigrant visa applicants, leaked memo reveals

New Delhi, Jan. 29 -- In order to better the lives of many foreign-born scientists, engineers, and doctors, the Biden administration has the right to provide employment authorisation to all beneficiar... Read More

Shah Rukh Khan's old video goes viral: 'Success will not come unless you are completely restless!'

New Delhi, Jan. 29 -- An old video of Shah Rukh Khan advising people on success has gone viral. In the video, SRK is seen speaking about the things people should avoid in order to become successful. T... Read More

US Air Force General asks officers to prepare for war with China

New Delhi, Jan. 29 -- US Air Mobility Command chief General Mike Minihan expressed that he had a gut feeling that a US-China war would take place in 2025. According to NBC, General Minihan said he hop... Read More

This man is getting younger every day, and the experiment costs $2 million per year

New Delhi, Jan. 29 -- A group of 30 doctors will work on software entrepreneur Bryan Johnson to keep his body - which means all his internal and external organs - just like that of an 18-year-old. The... Read More

Security breach in Kashmir? Major controversy around Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra in J&K

New Delhi, Jan. 28 -- On January 27, as the Bharat Jodo Yatra entered Kashmir, Rahul Gandhi claimed that his security had been compromised, requiring him to take a bullet-proof car to the next destina... Read More