Double whammy: air pollution and Covid-19

Kathmandu, Oct. 21 -- In the past eight months of this year, 791 people have died in Nepal from Covid-19. In the whole of 2019,air pollutiondirectly killed 42,100 people in the country. Poor air qual... Read More

Kathmandu homes and hotels turn into hospitals

Kathmandu, Oct. 12 -- As government and private hospitals in Kathmandu fill up with Covid-19 patients, some of them are offering rented hotel rooms or home care to meet the surge of the seriously sick... Read More

As virus spreads, Kathmandu hospitals strain to cope

Kathmandu, Oct. 7 -- Looking at the daily statistics from the Ministry of Health, the figures are alarming. Nepal is nearing the 100,000 Covid-19 cases mark, and this week the country overtook the tot... Read More

Dog bites man is still news in Nepal

Kathmandu, Sept. 28 -- Last year this time, the Infectious and Tropical Disease Hospital in Teku would be filled with patients suffering from mosquito or dog bites. But for the past week, entire famil... Read More

Covid-19 lessons for Kathmandu from the Tarai

Kathmandu, Sept. 22 -- In July, as the government eased the first lockdown, people streamedacross the border from India into Nepal, spreading thecoronavirus infection along cities in the Tarai. The d... Read More

How Covid-19 saves lives in Nepal

Kathmandu, Sept. 19 -- The Covid-19 crisis has dominated news bulletins in Nepal for the last six months, and in the past week the headlines are about rising cases and fatalities. But what is missing ... Read More

Nepal, China re-measure height of Mt Everest

Kathmandu, Sept. 10 -- If it was not for the Covid-19 pandemic, we would by now have found out the result of thelatest measurement of the world's highest mountain. Yes, 8,848m (29,028ft) is widely ac... Read More

Nepal experts reject Covid-19 model

Kathmandu, Sept. 4 -- Seven noted public health experts have described an Oxford University study three months ago that projected 50,000 Covid-19 deaths in Nepal by October as dangerously alarmist, an... Read More

Nepal health workers battle Covid-19, but also stigma

Kathmandu, Sept. 2 -- Nepal reported the first death of a medical worker from Covid-19 last week, a 35-year-old health assistant in Mahottari district. Across the country, over 500healthcare providers... Read More

Nepal beats own record in Covid-19 cases and deaths

Kathmandu, Aug. 30 -- Nepal's first Covid-19 fatality was reported on 15 May. It then took three months for the country to hit its first 100 deaths on 16 August. After that it took just 14 days to reg... Read More