Hallucinations for those who see demons in the 20th Amendment

Sri Lanka, Sept. 20 -- Until a new Constitution is promulgated, Sri Lanka has a distinctly presidential system of government. This fact among other things has been given the Supreme Court imprimatur i... Read More

Rajapaksas performed some miracles - now the people are doing so

Sri Lanka, Sept. 15 -- C. A. Chandraprema in this brief interview, spoke to the Daily News about the new government, proposed Constitutional changes and the state of the nation in the wake of the mass... Read More

Drug underworld comes apart, but critics tilt at windmills

Sri Lanka, Sept. 6 -- The environment issue should not trump the drug issue, but it's happening despite the fact that even detractors are impressed with the gains with regard to eradicating the drug m... Read More

Mapping end of history in Northern theatre

Sri Lanka, Aug. 30 -- It's the end of history for Tamil politics, they say - or the Tamil politics as we knew existed. Mapping out the details may be the role of the subject experts who know their ITA... Read More

What's raging is not the pandemic, but the recovery

Sri Lanka, Aug. 23 -- Why should there be great prospects for an economy, when the general circumstances are extremely bad, and there are job losses and a huge negative disruption of markets - such as... Read More

Gotabaya administration signals intent that factored into the two-thirds

Sri Lanka, Aug. 19 -- Does a doctor's bedside manner count? Do the nuances of behavior matter in politics? Sri Lankans would know the answer is in the affirmative. The Gotabaya regime signals positiv... Read More

Background noise about Sabry and other Cabinet appointees

Sri Lanka, Aug. 16 -- The single most important practical task facing the new Cabinet and the new Government is probably the management - nay resurrection - of the economy, after the ravages of five y... Read More

How the people were empowered with the ability to choose

Sri Lanka, Aug. 12 -- The new Parliament sees a sea change in the way the people have approached the task of electing their representatives. Career politicians and old faces are there among the large ... Read More

The watershed that pales 1956 into insignificance

Sri Lanka, Aug. 9 -- This takes time to sink in. The people have spoken with a two-thirds majority. This super-majority says so many things, but most of all it underscores that the people of Sri Lanka... Read More

The Generalities of a General Election

Sri Lanka, Aug. 5 -- Election week, is as good a week as any to look at the role of, and expectations from, the Sri Lankan legislator. Legislators everywhere are the same - they ask you to vote, and t... Read More