Budget bashing says more about its cynics

Sri Lanka, Nov. 25 -- For what the detractors allege is a regimented State, there is a mini turbo boost of criticism post-budget, aimed at the Rajapaksa Administration by some of the usual culprits, a... Read More

Why it's best to ignore the doomsayers

Sri Lanka, Nov. 22 -- A recent jeremiad about having to tighten our belts in part prompts this article about next year, and the more than sanguine prospects for 2021 when it dawns - contrary to the do... Read More

Science and science only should decide Covid burial controversy

Sri Lanka, Nov. 19 -- There is a line between baiting a community, and being politely concerned about extremism. This tension between keeping extremism at bay and being civil to a historically co-exis... Read More

State sector enriches oligarchs, or thrives in greatness?

Sri Lanka, Nov. 15 -- The new Pfizer vaccine for Coronavirus will probably take time to become commercially available and safe in a country such as ours, and private sector involvement would probably ... Read More

Reality, flights of fancy and a Covid-related opportunity

Sri Lanka, Nov. 8 -- Will Covid-19 finally tank the pet project of the former UNP strongman the late J R Jayewardene, SriLankan Airlines, launched originally as Air Lanka? SriLankan Airlines was pie ... Read More

Haters divide, but people have other ideas

Sri Lanka, Nov. 4 -- The successful visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may have surprised detractors, but it did not surprise those who know of the good relations between the US and Sri Lanka ... Read More

Judge Barrett's appointment shows, 20th Amendment was democratic

Sri Lanka, Nov. 1 -- When Judge Amy Coney Barrett placed her hand on the Bible and was sworn in as a Supreme Court Judge of the USA this week, it's fair to ask whether Sri Lankans who opposed the 20th... Read More

Learning from the 'annus horribilis' 2020

Sri Lanka, Oct. 28 -- The people are ready for change that the Government must be contemplating after the passage of the 20th Amendment in Parliament. People want work. But the avenues of employment ... Read More

20A and Covid cluster in need of perspective

Sri Lanka, Oct. 25 -- It is ironical that the sudden cluster outbreak of the Coronavirus that the country is now facing underlined the importance of decisive executive powers. The Supreme Court has a... Read More

Reality is, Sri Lanka has got talent

Sri Lanka, Oct. 21 -- The New Delhi Metro was designed and built by Indians with an Indian engineer E. Sreedharan in charge. The Sri Lankan Government now mandates that all software procurements have ... Read More