Mumbaiwale: On a heritage tour? Avoid these walks of shame

India, Feb. 22 -- I went on my first heritage walk all by myself. In 2004, I picked up a copy of Sharada Dwivedi's Fort Walks and picked a path at random, not knowing what to expect. What I found was ... Read More

Done in 20 minutes: Oscar-nominated (and winning) short films are online for free

India, Feb. 15 -- Short films can go terribly wrong. Some Indian ones pack in so many dated middle-class stereotypes (and woke dadis), you wonder if the idea came out of a tin of Dalda Vanaspati. In s... Read More

Mumbaiwale: One-of-a-kind city souvenirs you'll never want to part with

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Oscar award: Is it the gold standard or a statuette of limitations?

India, Feb. 8 -- It's not just that the Oscars are long. It's that they're dull. No one takes fashion risks anymore - women put on well-behaved gowns and save the shenanigans for the Met Gala. Young a... Read More

Mumbaiwale: An exhibition of rare Air India memorabilia

India, Feb. 8 -- What will become of Air India? While companies edge close to making bids to buy it, a brighter side of the national carrier goes on display next week. Maharajah of the Skies - An Indi... Read More

Parts of a whole: Great reads about the human body

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Here's how to read the labels on your beauty products

India, Jan. 31 -- Labels like 'Clean' and 'Safe' sound good. But dermatologist and author Dr Anjali Mahto has taken to Instagram to explain that they're largely unfounded. There is no legal definition... Read More

Simon, Garfunkel and the swansong that has lasted 50 years

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Mumbaiwale: On Republic Day, let three cool children's books remind you that we are all one

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Step aside, kitties. Sheep are taking over the internet

India, Jan. 18 -- This is a sheep-appreciation column. They've been dying in the thousands in the Australian fires, their plight eclipsed as newspaper reports cover the loss of kangaroos and koalas, a... Read More