Do you invest in mutual funds? Your KYC is valid for NPS

New Delhi, Nov. 21 -- In a rare case of interoperability between regulators, the PFRDA has allowed NPS intermediaries to use mutual fund or equity KYC for NPS. Through a circular dated 23rd September,... Read More

New alternative emerges for small investors with PMS limit hiked to Rs.50 lakh

Mumbai, Nov. 20 -- In a key decision taken today, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) hiked the minimum investment amount for investors in Portfolio Management Schemes (PMS) from Rs.25 l... Read More

Authorized persons of brokers not exempt from Sebi RIA registration

New Delhi, Nov. 19 -- A recent order of Sebi has placed the ability of 'Authorized Persons' or APs to render financial advisory services in some doubt. Under the Sebi Registered Investment Advisor (RI... Read More

Here's how to buy Apple and other foreign stocks

New Delhi, Nov. 18 -- Kashyap Sriram, a finance professional from Chennai has been investing in international stocks over the past five years. "In India if you just look at the maker of your phone, yo... Read More

'What gets people into trouble every time is hunting for a fixed yield'

New Delhi, Nov. 18 -- Indian investors, already feeling rattled by the ongoing debt crisis, received another shock when Moody's downgraded its outlook to negative for India. Kunal Kapoor, global CEO o... Read More

Rising life expectancy calls for smarter retirement plan

New Delhi, Nov. 15 -- A New York Times article spells out the rather fascinating story of Andre-Francois Raffray (read here: nyti.ms/2JQZXnS). Raffray made a deal with a 90-year-old French lady, Jeann... Read More

5 tips to protect savings in times of inflation

New Delhi, Nov. 15 -- The rise in inflation to 4.62% in October has resurrected an old enemy of Indian savers and investors. Inflation, a generalized increase in prices, eats into your standard of liv... Read More

Why is CAMS crediting Rs.1 to your bank account?

New Delhi, Nov. 15 -- Mutual fund investors have been flummoxed by the recent 1 rupee credits to their bank accounts by Computer Age Management Services (CAMS). Some might wonder if it's some kind of ... Read More

Gen Z has a problem with gold: WGC Study

New Delhi, Nov. 13 -- A multi-country World Gold Council study that covered 18,000 respondents highlighted the issues that members of Gen Z (those born between 1996-2010) have with the precious metal.... Read More

CPI Inflation jumps to 4.62% - What this means for you

New Delhi, Nov. 13 -- CPI Inflation quickened from 3.99% in September 2019 to 4.62% in October led by a surge in food inflation. The Consumer Food Price Index rose by a higher 7.89%. Onion prices have... Read More