Where the wild things are

India, June 20 -- N ature has been kind to India. History has not. Over the last 200 years, India has lost large swathes of its diverse forest land to human impact (housing, industry, infrastructure,... Read More

Meet the ecologist giving grass roots in the Nilgiris

India, June 19 -- Godwin Vasanth Bosco, 33, is a restoration ecologist who spent over a decade studying and restoring the Nilgiri plateau, a 5,000 sq km tableland in the Nilgiri biosphere that abuts t... Read More

Fungi whisperer: Meet the scientist studying the secret lives of trees

India, June 19 -- It is generally understood that trees can't speak, but there's a lot going on underground. Scientists have, for decades, been studying how plants interact through their roots, partic... Read More

Get your earful: The HT Smartcast podcasts you must hear

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Hear and now: Inside India's podcast boom

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Peace-keeping force: Krithi Karanth wins award for work on human-animal conflict

India, May 7 -- Krithi Karanth grew up watching India's wild animals up close. She saw her first tiger and leopard at the age of two. By seven, she was helping her father, K Ullas Karanth, one of Indi... Read More

A film about darkness, lit up just right: Cinematographer Jomon T John on Irul

India, May 7 -- If there's one thing that gleams about the Malayalam film Irul, it's the cinematography. Curtains are backlit as if by moonlight, candles are used to great effect in a grand old house ... Read More

Not all who meander are lost: A stirring documentary on the Ganga

India, April 30 -- A few years ago, Siddharth Agarwal went for a walk. He kept going for 3,000 km, all along the Ganga, collecting intimate stories of trials and tragedies told to him by the people wh... Read More

Traditional toys and where to find them

India, April 16 -- Almost anything can be a toy, and in India, the range of traditional materials and moulds is immense. Folk toy traditions include animals made from leather, figurines from terracott... Read More

A good toy is one that can be taken apart, says toy scientist Arvind Gupta

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