Economic and political crisis in the UK

Dhaka, Nov. 12 -- Rishi Sunak, a former hedge-fund manager and Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasury Chief) formally assumed his office as new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) on Tuesday, Oct... Read More

Rethinking the industrial policy

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The rise of the Far Right in Europe

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Currency depreciation and balance of payments

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The UK economy: plunging into deeper crisis

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Surging prices and energy war in Europe

Dhaka, Oct. 1 -- According to Eurostat, the European Union's (EU) statistical office, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in 27 EU member countries went up to 10.10 per cent in August from 9.8 per cent in ... Read More

Rising risk of global recession

Dhaka, Sept. 24 -- Since the beginning of this year, slowing economic growth, rising inflationary pressures, the US led NATO proxy War in Ukraine and food and fuel supply shortages have created an env... Read More

Inflation, productivity & macroeconomic stability

Dhaka, Sept. 17 -- Since the second quarter of this year, inflation has been on the rise globally, driven by higher energy and food prices, persistent supply chain disruptions and tight labour markets... Read More

Economic crisis in the European Union

Dhaka, Sept. 3 -- The European Union (EU) plus the UK in terms of economic mass practically represents Europe. Therefore, the EU and Europe is used interchangeably in this article. The EU now has a po... Read More