As stabilisation fund rolls out, investors reap benefits

Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- Saif Imam Zamir in September last year received Tk 0.142 million in cash dividend after he had claimed returns yet to be paid by a company where his mother invested 29 years ago. As... Read More

Regulator finds 68 brokers guilty of siphoning money

Dhaka, Jan. 22 -- On a fine Monday morning in June 2020, investors discovered that the owner of Crest Securities Md Shahid Ullah absconded with Tk 420 million from the funds of its clients, having shu... Read More

Recent scams cast doubt on roles played by trustees

Dhaka, Jan. 15 -- The trustee shall act on behalf of and in the "exclusive interest of investors" as obliged by the trust deed and law, reads an agreement signed by Sandhani Life Insurance and fund ma... Read More

Billion-dollar club: A bigger size could help make market less volatile

Dhaka, Jan. 13 -- In September 2021, Beximco's market capitalisation was around $1.39 billion. Its share traded at Tk 136.30 each and the exchange rate was Tk 83 per dollar. At the time, the company ... Read More

Regulator considers tax incentives to lure new companies

Dhaka, Jan. 3 -- The securities regulator seeks policy support, especially from the revenue board, to attract non-listed but good companies into the stock market so it gets strengthened when majority ... Read More

2022's overvalued stocks that defy investment formulae

Dhaka, Jan. 1 -- Many listed companies have been traded at abnormally high P/E (price to earnings) ratio in the outgoing year when the market has remained persistently gloomy and their peers with good... Read More

Rate caps doubly block bank, bourse development: WB

Dhaka, Dec. 27 -- Phased lifting of the rate cap on lending is among some key remedies the World Bank prefers for its engagement with Bangladesh's capital-market development under a major recipe, sour... Read More

Price restriction is to "serve big investors"

Dhaka, Dec. 23 -- The prime bourse recorded the lowest turnover on Thursday in more than two and a half years just the day after the regulator lifted the floor price restriction for 169 stocks. If in... Read More