Opinion: Gold cannons and a poison plot

New Delhi, Oct. 18 -- For a few hours on 28 April 1875, the capital of princely Baroda found itself gripped by an anti-British revolt. The state's ruler, Malhar Rao Gaekwad, had been deposed less than... Read More

Opinion: The judge who sentenced a 'peshwa'

New Delhi, Oct. 11 -- In 1773, a scandal of historic proportions engulfed the headquarters of the Maratha Confederacy in Pune. The ruling peshwa had been murdered at the behest of his uncle, who perce... Read More

Opinion: Black magic and a bureaucrat

New Delhi, Oct. 4 -- In 1892 a strange event transpired in princely Pudukkottai, causing a sensation in the corridors of imperial power. The maharani of the state, Janaki Subbamma, had ordered a speci... Read More

Opinion: A merchant-prince betrayed in Bidar

New Delhi, Sept. 27 -- In 1461, the Bahmani sultan in the Deccan was stabbed to death by a maidservant. He had reigned for only three years, but in that time already achieved enough to be recalled as ... Read More

The many loves of the Mountbattens

New Delhi, Sept. 20 -- In 1922, a naval officer called Louis Mountbatten proposed to a fabulously wealthy woman called Edwina Ashley in Delhi. Both in their early 20s, they had known each other only a... Read More

Pathans and priests in Travancore

New Delhi, Sept. 13 -- In 1780, a Carmelite monk called Fra Bartolomeo obtained an audience with the maharaja of Travancore to deliver a message from Pope Clement XIV. The pope, having heard much abou... Read More

Maratha blood and Persian veins

New Delhi, Sept. 5 -- In 1680, a few years before emperor Aurangzeb swallowed up the sultanate of Bijapur, two court artists in that city produced a striking genealogical painting. Rich in quality, wi... Read More

The Blinding of a Mughal emperor

New Delhi, Aug. 30 -- In August 1788, the Red Fort in Delhi witnessed what one observer would recall as the most "unspeakable and indescribable" crimes. As in the previous year, the Rohilla chief, Ghu... Read More

Opinion | An abduction on Malabar Hill

New Delhi, Aug. 23 -- In January 1925, Malabar Hill in colonial Mumbai witnessed a crime that would topple one of India's most prominent maharajas. A wealthy businessman called Abdul Kader Bawla was i... Read More

Opinion | Shifting loyalties in the peninsula

New Delhi, Aug. 16 -- The decline of great empires in Indian history was often accompanied by the rise of their feudatories. Sensing the collapse of an order, new alignments and formations took shape,... Read More