Onion prices continue to shoot skyward despite market inspection

Kathmandu, Sept. 18 -- Onion prices continued to shoot skyward on Thursday even though government inspection teams prowled the markets to catch price gougers. The popular vegetable began flying off s... Read More

Potato prices hit new highs as rain disrupts harvests

Kathmandu, Sept. 17 -- Potato prices are hitting new highs on slowed supply as non-stop rain disrupts harvests in India and key producing areas in Nepal. The indispensable tuber was selling for as muc... Read More

As India bans onion export, prices in Nepal go up at least 25 percent overnight

Kathmandu, Sept. 15 -- With India once again imposing a ban on the export of all varieties of onions, its market price in Kathmandu has gone up as much as 25 percent within a day. The wholesale price... Read More

Small businesses begin to collapse as prolonged lockdown paralyses operations

Kathmandu, Sept. 14 -- Rising expenses and zero revenue have forced Om Prakash Sharma to shut down his factory that makes polypropylene yarn used to manufacture socks. After 15 years, Sharma's firm D... Read More

Internet subscribers up but speed remains a problem

Kathmandu, Sept. 13 -- While the number of internet users continues to grow across the country, the quality of internet speed available to consumers has not been consistent, say consumers. Poor inter... Read More

Food prices unlikely to fall after last month's steep rise

Kathmandu, Sept. 11 -- Food prices rose sharply on heightened demand in August as people rushed out of their homes to stock up on groceries after the lockdown was lifted in the third week of July. Pa... Read More

Foreign investment pledges from India down 51 percent due to red tape

Kathmandu, Sept. 9 -- Foreign investment commitment from India declined 51.42 percent in the last fiscal year 2019-20, compared to the previous fiscal year, largely due to bureaucratic red tape that h... Read More

Gold import down by 60 percent in last fiscal year

Kathmandu, Sept. 6 -- Much like the import of other non-essential commodities the import of gold also declined sharply in the fiscal year 2019-20 with 60.6 percent less of it entering the country comp... Read More

New cyber security law requires firms to use information sharing platform

Kathmandu, Sept. 5 -- The Nepal Telecommunications Authority has passed the Cyber Security Bylaw 2020 which aims to protect information and communication systems from cyber attacks and other associate... Read More

Doubts raised over implementation of new market monitoring procedure

Kathmandu, Sept. 2 -- Consumer rights activists and retailers have questioned the government's capacity to implement the new market monitoring procedure recently unveiled by the Ministry of Industry, ... Read More