Debt-GDP ratio on the rise, but still well below IMF threshold

Dhaka, June 24 -- Growing government borrowing, totalling Tk 16.59 trillion as of last December, took the debt-to-GDP ratio to 33.2 per cent, according to official statistics. The ratio, though going... Read More

Export gains as taka appears 'highly competitive'

Dhaka, June 15 -- Bangladesh's currency now appears "highly competitive" as the real effective exchange rate (REER) of the taka against a 15-currency basket of global trading partners dropped below 10... Read More

Interest rise luring money back into bank vaults

Dhaka, June 13 -- Interest rise begins luring money back into bank vaults as Bangladesh's banking system attracted Tk 275.64 billion during July-April period of this passing fiscal, despite higher inf... Read More

Bank deposits drying up as inflation bites

Dhaka, June 11 -- Banks seem having hit the brakes on deposit mobilisation as the January-March first quarter of this year frustrated their expectation, in a rare development that analysts blame on pe... Read More

Tk 7.97tn budget placed in JS with few paradoxes

Dhaka, June 6 -- A modestly incremental annual budget of Tk 7.97 trillion for Bangladesh runs in right direction to contain inflation but targeted higher borrowing and taxes on some goods may keep the... Read More

Freight container spot rates mounting

Dhaka, June 2 -- Spot rates of ocean freight containers to and from Bangladesh have been rising since the start of May, prompting speculation that it may reach the Covid period when it trebled. Top s... Read More

Bank time deposits surge under SMART push

Dhaka, May 25 -- Time deposits in banks increased by Tk 865.9 billion to Tk 14.82 trillion in July-March period of this fiscal year mainly because of rate rise under uncapped interest regime, sources ... Read More

Reserve money shrinks to Tk 3.3t as 'devolvement' printing halted

Dhaka, May 11 -- A squeeze in the splurge of money on flow is tangible as the stock with Bangladesh Bank stayed on the wane, amounting to Tk 3.3 trillion as of mid- March, following a pause in printin... Read More

Interest payments up 16pc in first seven months of FY '24

Dhaka, May 4 -- Bangladesh's budget deficit keeps widening with the current fiscal's seven-month shortfall having ballooned to nearly Tk 230 billion, as government spending far outstrips revenue recei... Read More

Regulator to live-stream securities yield curves

Dhaka, April 22 -- The central bank is likely to go live with secondary money-market yield curves from next month, which would help stakeholders have tips about the country's current economic situatio... Read More