Celebrating Ajit's birth centenary: Saara sheher mujhe lion ke naam se jaanta hai

Hyderabad, Jan. 26 -- Saara sheher mujhe loin ke naam se jaanta hai. Does it ring a bell? Yes. Film buffs couldn't forget this line fromKalicharan. Spoken in a cool and collected manner some four dec... Read More

Mukarram Jah: Of the pauper prince and his royal dalliance

Hyderabad, Jan. 16 -- Like his financial dealings, his personal life too was not a bed of roses. Prince Mukarram Jah Bahadur, grandson of the 7th Nizam, who died the other day, often found himself nec... Read More

Paigah Tombs: Will US aid improve this architectural jewel?

Hyderabad, Jan. 12 -- The decision by US authorities to fund restoration of Paigah Tombs has come not a day too soon.The magnificent tombs, considered the Taj of the South, cry for attention. The exqu... Read More

Stars sparkled when the old boys met to celebrate 150th year of Madrasa-i-Aliya

Hyderabad, Jan. 8 -- Some shared a bear hug; some gave a firm handshake while a few smiled from ear to ear. Nothing warms the heart like an old friend. So it was with the Aliyans when they met the oth... Read More

Aliya: 150 and still going strong; among the Aliyans are both kings and commoners

Hyderabad, Jan. 6 -- Anniversary is the time to celebrate the joy of today, memories of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow. For Aliyans it is a special occasion as they celebrate on Saturday the sesq... Read More

Know Your Nation: Prof. Masood completes 100-lecture series

Hyderabad, Jan. 2 -- Who doesn't chat up with utter strangers during journeys? Everyone does and the talk usually runs around inane things which lead to nowhere. Imagine such casual conversation resul... Read More

Hyderabad's famous Numaish had a humble beginning

Hyderabad, Dec. 31 -- All big things have small beginnings. It is no different with Numaish, the most popular consumer fair of Hyderabad. As its 82ndedition is all set to be inaugurated on Sunday even... Read More

Faiz-e-Aam: Where kindness is a way of life

Hyderabad, Dec. 27 -- Forty years is not a long period in the life of an organisation. Nonetheless, it is an occasion to take stock and do course corrections, if necessary. For Faiz-e-Aam Trust (FAT) ... Read More

Faiz-e-Aam Trust: A journey of 40 years in helping the helpless; but miles to go before one sleeps

Hyderabad, Dec. 25 -- Everything begins with an idea. But sometimes a moment of indifference could be the trigger. It was so in the case of Zulfequar Hussain, former Director of Bombay Mercantile Coop... Read More

Iqbal Shinasi lectures touch 1101 mark; but few attend the landmark session

Hyderabad, Dec. 22 -- If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. Yes, this is what the crass indifference and utter negligence of Urdu knowing public calls for. The poet who gave so much for Urdu l... Read More