Future of socialism

Dhaka, Jan. 13 -- In 2017, the weekly Economist declared in the cover story, 'Socialism is back in fashion'. Despite proclamations of the end of history, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union ... Read More

Thomas Piketty on inequality

Dhaka, Jan. 4 -- Thomas Piketty has written a book on a subject that is familiar to many for a long time, which has of late assumed critical importance. Inequality of income associated with capitalist... Read More

China's socialist market economy

Dhaka, Dec. 29 -- At one time, not so long ago, market socialism was a laughable idea, considered almost as an oxymoron. The two words, market socialism, conveyed a classic case of mutual contradictio... Read More

Poor Economics

Dhaka, Dec. 19 -- The meaning intended by the authors of 'Poor Economics' (Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflow -- the Nobel Lauriate duo) is Derridian in import, inviting de-construction of the words. ... Read More

Wanted: A new world order

Bangladesh, Nov. 7 -- Whatever the ultimate costs to nations and its duration, Covid-19 will leave planet earth one day, hopefully soon. But when it does, it will not be with a whimper but after blazi... Read More

A new strategy for development

Dhaka, Nov. 2 -- If the lessons of Covid-19 call for a new global order through changes in the functioning of the existing international institutions, the social and economic impact of the pandemic ma... Read More

The state of Bangladesh economy

Dhaka, Oct. 22 -- Six months have elapsed since 'holiday' (euphemism for lockdown) was announced at the outbreak of covid-19 in March. During the 'holiday' all sectors of the economy except agricultur... Read More