Send a message to Myanmar | HT Editorial

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Farm protests need a resolution, now | HT Editorial

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The missing voice of the developing world | HT Editorial

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Heat can affect the economy too

India, March 29 -- Two new studies on the impact of the climate crisis on India, released last week, offer serious warnings. First, a study by the United States-based Oak Ridge National Laboratory, pu... Read More

Fast-track database on migrant workers

India, March 29 -- On March 24 last year, the government announced a national lockdown to halt the spread of Covid-19, and thousands of migrant workers, stranded in their host cities without employmen... Read More

Biden lays out his line on China | HT Editorial

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Deepening ties with Dhaka | HT Editorial

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Covid-19 throws up a new challenge

India, March 25 -- New variants of the coronavirus have spread in India, particularly in Maharashtra and Punjab. The two states have recorded some of the sharpest increase in cases over the last month... Read More

The ecological concerns around river-linking projects

India, March 25 -- This week, the Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh governments signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to start work on the country's first major project interlinking two rain-fed river... Read More

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India, March 24 -- In theory, a legislature is the most sacred space in a democracy. It is the ultimate body of the expression of popular will. It is a space for deliberation, for debate, for careful ... Read More