The gulf between Delhi and Moscow

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Covid-19: Five questions about vaccination

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From 1980 to 2021, the BJP's journey

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At stake, the future of the Indian polity | HT Editorial

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Battling Covid-19 in Mumbai

India, April 4 -- Who is responsible for Mumbai's mess? The answer is simple: Years of apathy under successive governments that sought to treat the city as a cash machine, rather than a living ecosyst... Read More

Delhi must impose curbs

India, April 2 -- India is in the middle of another big surge in Covid-19 infections. On Thursday, it saw 81,413 new cases, the highest since October 1. Maharashtra had 43,183 infections, the highest ... Read More

The fight for gender equality | HT Editorial

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Covid-19: Citizens must take the jab | HT Editorial

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The scars of 2020-2021

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The thaw on the India-Pakistan front

India, March 31 -- Responding to Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi's letter greeting Pakistan on its national day, Pakistan's PM, Imran Khan, has claimed that his country seeks "peaceful, cooperative ... Read More