On Covid, Delhi's reactive strategy

India, April 15 -- One month ago, the early signs of a fourth Covid-19 wave began to appear in Delhi. The case trajectory had bottomed out on February 12 with 125 new cases, leading to complacency fro... Read More

A looming economic crisis

India, April 15 -- Exactly a year ago, when India was in the middle of a complete lockdown to curb the spread of Covid-19 infections, most forecasters, institutional and private, had a bleak assessmen... Read More

The quest to beat Covid-19

India, April 14 -- On Wednesday, at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government decided to postpone the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examinations for Class 12 stud... Read More

A new chapter in the Election Commission

India, April 14 -- Sushil Chandra is India's new chief election commissioner. The context of his appointment is important. He takes over from his predecessor, Sunil Arora, at a time when the Election ... Read More

India's new vaccine regime

India, April 13 -- The emergency use authorisation granted by India's drugs regulator to Sputnik V, and the government's decision to fast-track similar approvals, conditionally, for any Covid-19 vacci... Read More

The perils of the ordinance route

India, April 13 -- The ordinance route undermines the law-making process, deprives citizens from articulating their grievances through representatives in Parliament when the bill is first conceived an... Read More

Stop public rallies, now

India, April 12 -- India is in the middle of its most serious public health emergency - more serious and severe than last year, when the coronavirus pandemic first struck. Each day brings in a new rec... Read More

On thermal plants, take meaningful steps

India, April 12 -- An analysis by the New Delhi-based think-tank, Centre for Science and Environment, suggests that the new thermal power plant norms issued by the Centre on March 31, which gives an e... Read More

The arrival of a new force in Tripura | HT Editorial

India, April 11 -- In India's mainstream political imagination, Tripura is often on the periphery. This may stem from the tyranny of distance from the national Capital, and its location in the often-n... Read More

The forest fires in Uttarakhand | HT Editorial

India, April 9 -- Uttarakhand is battling one of the worst episodes of forest fires since it became a separate state in 2000. According to the state forest department, there have been 989 fire inciden... Read More