Shyamanuja Das, Renowned B2B Tech Editor, Passes Away to Prolonged Illness

India, Dec. 28 -- Shyamanuja Das, notable B2B technology editor, research scholar and culture enthusiast, passed away on 28 December 2023 due to a prolonged illness. Das had been an integral part of t... Read More

Cyber Security Association of India Emphasises Importance of Cyber Security in Power Sector

India, Dec. 23 -- Cyber Security Association of India (www.ncsai.in) under the chairmanship of Lt Gen (Dr.) Rajesh Pant, Former National Cyber Security Coordinator organised Power Sector Cyber Securit... Read More

Renewable energy and IT-a two-way grid

India, Dec. 21 -- The transformation of the energy industry is one of the biggest IT projects ever, says Barbara Gregor Chief Finance Officer - SMA Solar Technology AG while also unravelling how renew... Read More

The future of lending-Information (not physical) collateral

India, Dec. 21 -- Skip tracing, signals of stress, and behaviour patterns - to improve loan collections! These are just a few ways in which technology can help lenders. Abhishek Sharma, Chief Digital... Read More

Life Lessons Beyond the Books

India, Dec. 21 -- As I pen down these reflections, I am reminded of the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." As a student, in the whirlwind of academic pursuit... Read More

Fortinet Introduces Fortinet Advisor, a Generative AI Assistant that Accelerates Threat Investigation and Remediation

India, Dec. 21 -- Fortinet added Fortinet Advisor, a generative AI (GenAI) assistant, to its portfolio of more than 40 AI-powered offerings. AI has served as the backbone of the Fortinet Security Fabr... Read More

Balancing Convenience and Data Protection are Ways to Deal with Privacy Concerns in the IoT Era

India, Dec. 20 -- Navigating the rapidly evolving technological landscape in the IoT era involves striking a delicate balance between convenience and data protection. As our reliance on interconnected... Read More

Navigating theage of Connected Security in Real Estate for Smart Homes and Secure Properties

India, Dec. 20 -- The real estate industry is going through a variety of transformations due to the digitalization of the world. As technology evolves, the ways people buy, sell, rent, or take propert... Read More

AI Combating Cyber Attacks

India, Dec. 20 -- It is almost every other day that we hear, "We live in a digital world and our lives are getting more digital by each passing day". And it is true. However, the digitisation of our l... Read More

Navigating India's Data Privacy Landscape: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses to Comply with the DPDPA 2023

India, Dec. 15 -- In the ever-evolving realm of data privacy, India has reached a watershed moment with the enactment of the Data Protection Act (DPDPA 2023). This comprehensive legislation aims to sa... Read More