Ladakh: White winter hymnal

New Delhi, March 24 -- The snow lies thick on the ground in Hemis. The snowfields stretch down the valley, past groves of skeletal willows, down towards the Indus. The sky is overcast and a bitterly c... Read More

Vijay Amritraj: 'This sport gave me everything in my life...'

New Delhi, March 22 -- Vijay Amritraj's tennis career speaks for itself. The vanquisher of Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg and Rod Laver remains the highest-ranked Indian singles player (he was World No.16 ... Read More

The view from the top

New Delhi, March 9 -- Now that a bona fide climbing movie has won an Oscar, one that tracks the most breathtaking-and record-breaking-free solo ever attempted, hopefully Hollywood will take a cue. Fre... Read More

Ladakh: In the land of the grey ghost

New Delhi, March 2 -- I would like to see a snow leopard, but if I do not, that is all right too. -Peter Matthiessen, The Snow Leopard. Where is it?" I whisper. "There, look straight up that ridge,... Read More

Beyond the Twitter wars

New Delhi, March 1 -- On 26 February, the Indian Air Force targeted a training camp of the terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammad in Balakot in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The next day, the Pakistan air ... Read More

The great dying 2.0

New Delhi, Feb. 22 -- We call them bugs, we call them creepy-crawlies. Lately they've even become gourmet cuisine. But insects, the unacknowledged link that knits together the natural world, are peris... Read More


New Delhi, Feb. 22 -- Rinchen Namgail, 27, is a sepoy in the Ladakh Scouts regiment of the Indian Army. On a short winter leave in the middle of January, he's back at his home in Ulley village, situat... Read More

Huracan Evo: Need for speed

New Delhi, Feb. 15 -- A fast, red Italian car will be zooming through your streets soon. Automobili Lamborghini has just launched its next generation V10 sports car-the Huracan Evo-in India. It promi... Read More

English Premier League: The duel between Liverpool and Manchester City

New Delhi, Jan. 11 -- It isn't a sight you see too often. One of the best teams in the world-some would say the best-defending with 10 players in the penalty box, frantically heading, hoofing and shin... Read More

Lounge Original: Liberation for us all

New Delhi, Dec. 28 -- While protests are going on around the country against the Transgender Persons (Rights and Protections) Bill 2016 that was passed by the Centre on 17 December, Kolkata-based arti... Read More